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 The Grand Archduchy of the United Realms of the Hamptonian Empire
Flag of Hamptonshire
Hamptonshire does not currently have a coat of arms.
Fiat justitia et pereat mundus
Spoken Languages
 - Official
 - Unofficial

English, Søskendansk
French, Pacitalian, Spanish
Capital cities Obsidia (executive), Hamptonshire City (judicial, legislative)
Ten largest metropolitan agglomerations

Seaburg - 632,000,000
Greater Portshire - 62,000,000
Port Easton - 58,500,000
Frederiksberg - 54,250,000
Hannon - 51,500,000
Antietam-Yespani - 46,000,000
Wessex - 38,000,000
Nieuw Groningen - 29,000,000
Harrkona - 24,300,000
Greater Eeasen - 19,250,000

Head of State Anne I, Empress of the Hamptonians
Head of Government Wolfgang Hayek
 - Total
 - % water

17,189,595 km²
14.5% water
 - Total (2006)

 - as collection of communes
 - as kingdom
 - as grand duchy
BCE 211
CE 6
CE 1004
Government type Tetracameral monarchic cabinet
Nation type Federal constitutional monarchy
National animal
English name
Pygoscelis montefori
Mountain penguin
National flower
English name
Liliacis sangra
Blood tulip
National tree
English name
Quercus amptocerrazula
Hamptonian blue-leaf oak
GDP (2006)
  - Total
  - GDP/C

Currency 1 krone (K) = 100 øre
National Charter of Rights Constitutional Act (2006) and Charter of the Rights of the People
Time Zone GMT/UTC +0700 to +1200
International Abbreviations
 - sport
 - government
CHDI (2006) 0.971 (very high)
Pronunciation Hamp-ton-shy'er
Naval Craft Classification
  - Military
  - Civilian
National Anthem A Lovely Land
Internet TLD .gdh, .gd, .hts, .hl
Calling Code +42
PDAS rating A

The Grand Archduchy of the United Realms of the Hamptonian Empire or Hamptonshire, is a highly modernized, developed and democratic nation located mostly in Haven. Hamptonshire is made up of more than twenty major islands, thousands of smaller islands and ten imperial Dominions. Hamptonshire Proper, the core of the Hamptonian Empire, is more than four thousand miles distant from the nearest foreign nation.

Hamptonians are a socially liberal/libertarian people with a strong sense of national pride and public reserve. While Hamptonian dress and social customs may seem Victorian to some, that should not be taken to mean that Hamptonians are cold or conservative. Civil liberties, both of citizens and vistors, are highly respected and Hamptonians individually are quite concerned about humanitarianism.

Foreign relations and policy remain a sensitive, and at times dangerous, issue within the Empire. Centuries of physical isolation have left Hamptonians with an almost inbred tendancy toward xenophobia. While some right-wing politicians and organizations have harnessed this embarrassing remnant of eras long passed, generally Hamptonshire is quite involved in the international arena. The especially close relationship with Pacitalia and Oceania has helped to further ease isolationist attitudes.


Following the disasterous period known as The Regency, the Constitutional Act (2006) established a modified form of government for Hamptonshire and its territories.

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