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World Heritage Sites & Treasures List entry:
Nation: Ariddia
Type: building
Number on list: #4

Harmonia is a building in Rêvane, Ariddia, designed by Ariddian sculptor and architect Uwi Richardson. He also took part in the actual construction work.

Harmonia is arguably Ariddia's most iconic architectural symbol, although Progress Tower is also famous. It is one of several Ariddian sites and treasures recorded on the World Heritage Sites & Treasures List, along with the Ieoa burial site, the ulek and most of the country's parks and forests.

Designed as a symbol of "peace, solidarity and togetherness", Harmonia houses an annex of the Secretariat for Culture, a small Rêvane City Museum, an art gallery for temporary exhibitions, a tourist information office, and an outdoor market for tourists. It is also a local community discussion centre.

Richardson once said of it: "I wanted to make something that's actually massive and hard but that somehow strikes you as magical, harmonious, even delicate."

Harmonia appears behind PINA presenter Pauline Wu, as a symbol of Rêvane and Ariddia, on the programme Réseaux, broadcast around the world.

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Harmonia (Rêvane)