Hasegawe Motor Company

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Hasegawe Motor Company
Headquarters: Hokyldaryon
Nationality: Miokalia
Specialty: Automobiles
Storefront: [URL Forum Name]

Hasegawe is the third largest automotive manufacturer in the Furry Federation and the first largest in Dincota.


Hasegawe Motor Company was started in 1844 by electrical engineer Laragen Gawedo and business investor and mechanical engineer Roen Hase. They released their first model, the electric motor scooter in that year. It revolutionized transportation. Later they would introduce a line of steam-powered vehicles and then a series of rotary vapor-combustion engines. In 1960, Hasegawe adopted the Radial Electronic Impulse Propulsion technology invented by Daihliy Schocharo and began to build electric cars with the technology that were capable of quite conspicuously out-performing gasoline engines of the same size. Roen Hase left the company in 1988 to go into the business of arms manufacture and become president of Daecheyron Aerospace Company for ten years. Laragen Gawedo is the current president of Hasegawe. The company currently produces only a five models under the Hasegawe name brand, and has abandoned the SUV market entirely to remain profitable.

 Hasegawe employs 75,000 people across several nations. 38,000 of those are in Miokalia and the
 Northern Continental Republic.


Hasegawe owns these brands:

 Bunj Motor Transportation Company (trucks)
 Itaelyri Motorworks (high-end sports and luxury cars)
 Natit Industrial Motors (fleet vehicles, vans and trucks)

Hasegawe's current line-up of vehicles:

 Omickron C coupe - Entry-level commuter coupe
 Omickron S sedan - Entry-level family sedan
 Omickron M minivan - Entry-level economy/family minivan
 Shlaytin K sports coupe - Mid-level sports coupe
 Shlaytin G luxury sports coupe - Mid-level luxury sports coupe
 Tesseract N fullsize coupe - General Use/Fullsize car
 Tesseract R fullsize sports coupe - Muscle car / novelty


Hasegawe currently offers vehicles in these engine formats:

 "Plug-in" Hybrid (Standard base-level format. Gasoline/Electric. 
 Also functions as electric-only for short-range)
 Ammonium Fuel Cell (typically for fleet vehicles. Adds more to the price of the vehicle)
 Tdarocel Stadard Hydrogen (standard base-level format where hydrogen is availible)
 Radial Electronic Impulse Propulsion (In sporty-er models. It's a sporty-er electric engine)

Hasegawe's business model deems the production of gasoline-only vehicles to go against the interest of it's stockholders. Additionally much of their current business model revolves around introducing vehicles which are compatible with gasoline, but do not require it to run for short distances to places experiencing high gas-prices as a way to undermine the competition and the petroleum suppliers.

This business model has proven to be incredibly profitable.

Major Stock-holders

 28% Kohtohkhan Republic of Dincota (the state)
 15% United Socialist States of Miokalia (also a state)
 20% Tdarocel Standards Union (state-regulatory energy bureau. Also known as 'Big Hydrogen')
 35% Miokalian and Dincotian share-holders
 2% Laragen Gawedo (President and cofounder)