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Flag of Hattia
Motto: "We fight for Freedom!"
None available
Region Haven
Capital Haton
Official Language(s) Hatti, Russian, English, Edöliani
Leader Prime Minister Fyodor Leningrad Zyteslav
Population 3.064 Billion (10/3/04)
Currency Socialist Union Monetary Unit (SUMU) 
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The Soviet Socialist Republic has a long and very bloody history. It was originally founded by Russian refugees, the Hatars sometime around the year 1250 AD and the capitol of Haton soon after. After warring with and quickly conquering local factions for a about one hundred years, Hattia stretched to nearly the size of Russia.

Quickly, Hattia split up into rival city states, such as in ancient Greece. The main combatants were Haton, Severnaya, Ivanograd (Now Leningrad), and Petrograd. This state continued on for several hundred years, up until 1674, when the armies of Haton sacked Ivanograd, bringing the War of the Cities to an end. Haton unified the nation under the flag of a Republic, but a few years later, Monarchist rebels attacked and killed the President and instituted a Tsarist regime.

The first Tsar, Alexei the Murderer quickly instituted martial law and begin shooting dissidents and anyone he had even a minor disagreement with. During a visit to Ivanograd in 1690 he was attacked and killed.

His son, Dimitriy quickly sent in troops and slaughtered every inhabitant of the city, the dead totalled nearly 90,000.

The Hattian people were literally slaves (serfs) under various tsars up until 1900, when the last Tsar was murdered by capitalist rebels. They set up a dictatorship disguised as a democracy and allowed foreign companies into the country.

While the Hattians may have been freed, they were still slaves, scratching a living from the meager wages payed to them by the companies. Several rebellions broke out, but were quickly crushed.

In 1951, Vladimir Haton Aleksandrov, a worker from the capitol, managed to kill the President and in turn, sparked a revolution.

He and many followers fled to the huge mountain range of the north and hid in tunnels dug by people long forgotten. After amassing a significant force, they managed to take the cities of Leningrad and Severnaya.

After a great battle over the plains in front of Haton, in which at least 500,000 people were killed, the rebels managed to take the capitol.

The President, and leaders of the corporations were taken out and hung over the main square of Haton. Capitalism was quickly outlawed and major social reforms took place.

At one point in time, Hattia was contacted by the U.S.S.R in the interest of an alliance, which was quickly refused by Prime Minister Aleksandrov, siting that the U.S.S.R was nothing more than a 'totalitarian dictatorship hidden under the guise of equality.'

Recently, Former Prime Minister Aleksandrov II entered into a union with the nations of The Island States and Edolia, forming what is known as the Union of Socialist Republics, a national merger of sorts. The nations (Now including Jondera and Hallad) share a joint legislature and currency, the SUMU.

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