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Forum: The Organization of Haven States forum
Population: 72 nations
Delegate: Midlonia
Founder: None
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This article is about a region. For the Ariddian city of the same name, see Haven (city).

Arguably the most influential and well know region in the International Incidents forum, Haven is geographically located within the North Pacific and consists of two large landmasses known as East and West Haven. Although the continent that includes West Haven also encompasses other regions, including The Democratic Underground, East Haven is completely contained by the Haven region. A large body of water known as the Haven Straits seperate the two continents.


The region of Haven encompasses a wide range of territory, and as a result, a wide range of climates. Although in most of the region the temperature varies between moderate and cool, the Southern portions of East Haven approach the equator. Currents running through the Haven Straits also tend to vary temperatures in coastal nations.


The region of Haven was founded as a replacement for the Allied Island States, a loose collective of nations lying on or around the Haven Straits. Shortly after the official designation and founding of the Haven region, the United Alliance of Progressive States (UnAPS) was formed by some its members and Haven became the official home of that alliance. Since the fall of the UnAPS, Haven has become a radically different place, where struggles between a variety of different ideologies have caused rifts in the previously peaceful region. Disputes between the imperialist Scandavian States and liberal democratic Feline and Ilek-Vaad have especially marked the recent history of the region. The Organization of Haven States (OHS) was formed upon the fall of the UnAPS in order to fill the power vacuum and keep the region from falling into war.


The Allanea-UnAPS Conflict

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Hogsweatian-Scandavian War

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Hogsweatian-Kriegos War

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Hogsweatian-Tiburonese War

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Yasmarean War of Independence


  • Alacea, Sovereign Empire of
  • Allanea, United States of
  • Aralonia, Royal Sovereignty of
  • Artitsa, Holy Athiest Republic of
  • Ato-Sara, Socialist Federation of
  • Aunesia, Grand Duchy of
  • Barkozy
  • Bedou, TechNomads of
  • Bruxella, Kingdom of
  • Bynzekistan, Confederate Provinces of
  • Catalasia, Archipelago Commonwealth of
  • Central Prestonia, Federal Havenic Republic of
  • Clandonia Prime, Imperial Crown Kingdom of
  • Cocentrica, Central Combine of
  • Cravan, The Eastern Havenic Empire of
  • Eastern Shanghai, Allied States of
  • Edolia, Socialist Empire of
  • Foe Hammer, Interplanetary Empire of
  • Four kings, Dominion of
  • Franberry, Federal Sultanate Duchydom of
  • Fyreheart, Republic of
  • Gerfaanlich, Dominion of
  • Hallad, Workers Republic of
  • Hamptonshire, Grand Archduchy of
  • Hattia, Soviet Socialist Republic of
  • Hogsweatia, Rightful People's Homeland of
  • Jaredcohenia, Iron Imperium of
  • Juumanistra, Remarkably Sane Dominion of
  • Kashmire, Free Land of
  • Krendakov, People's Republic of
  • Kriegorgrad, Collective Oligarchy of
  • Kroblexskij, Greater Federation of
  • Labhekistan, Democratic-Socialist Republic of
  • Mauvasia, Imperial Commonwealth Republic of
  • Midlonia, Greater Kingdom of
  • Mintar, Absolute Republic of
  • Mudkips, Mudkip's Republic of
  • Nates World, Autonomous Socialist Commune of
  • New Akavar, United Sovereign States of
  • No Endorse, Glorious Military Junta of
  • Omz222, Omzian Democratic Republic of
  • Orezia, Republic of
  • Pauldustllah, Rogue Nation of
  • Penguu, Rogue Nation of
  • Praetonia, Democratic Imperium of
  • Riah, Republic of
  • Skaugra, The Armed Republic of
  • Skinny87, Grand Monarchy of
  • Sovereign California, Democratic Commonwealth of
  • Strobovia, Kingdom of
  • Taraskovya, Empire In Denial of
  • The Atheists Reality, Unholy Gathering of
  • The FKC - Haven, Colony of
  • The Silver Sky, The Armed Capitalist Republic of
  • The Kremling Horde, Sentient Crocodiles of
  • The Wrong Girl, Dictatorship of
  • Uncle Noel, Serene Democratic People's Fiefdom of
  • USSNA, The Sovereignity of
  • Velkya, Allied Union of
  • Villeneuve de Corail, Republic of
  • Whyatica, Empire of
  • Willink, Sovereign Republic of
  • Yoboland, Religious Deciples of