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Flag of Hekloslogravia
Motto: Liberty & Republic
Region Uroca
Capital Lundburg
Official Language(s) Heklovian, Slogravian, Cargtin
Leader President Robert Tredegat
Population 708,000,000
Currency DOCA 
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Hekloslogravia is a republic in the region of Uroca.

Quick Facts

Full nation-name: Federal Republic of Hekloslogravia
Short name or abbreviation: Hekloslogravia, Heklo, (HS)

Background: A Federal Republic formed by the Heklos, and Slogravians

National animal: Mallard Duck
National Anthem: "Hekloslogravia the Great"

Government Information

Government: Federal Republic

Head of State and Government: President Robert Tredegat

Description of Republican Government Structure: President is Head of State, & Government. The Legislative Branch, made up of the Senate, and the House of Citizens is headed by the President of the Senate.

Political Leaders: Robert Tredegat (Hekloslogravia Party), Thomas Sawyer (Hekloslogravian Labor Party), (Hekloslogravian Republican Party), Nicholas Miller, (PISEKODA)

Hekloslogravian Elections


Population (latest estimate): 708,000,000
Ethnic Groups: Heklos 61%, Slogravians 45%, Other 4%
Religions: Roman Catholism 43%, Protestantism 38%, Judaism 7%,Orthodox Christians 4% Islam 3%, Athiest 3%, Other 2%
Languages: Hekloslogravian English, Heklovian, Slogravian, Urocan English, Cargtin
Income Tax Rate:95%


Avg. Summer Temperature: 78F, 25C
Avg. Winter Temperature: 43F, 6C

Brief Terrain Description: Plains and Mountains
Lowest Point: Harlian Valley -1002ft., -305m.
Highest Point: Mt. Greisbon 20,987ft., 6396m.


East Hekloslogravia-Autonomous Terrority


Commander in Chief: President Robert Tredegat
Commodore Field Marshal: Erwin Helker
Field Marshall(s): Paul Baumer
General of Armies: James Milton
Generals of Army: Sean O'Bannion, Marcus Pauners
Hekloslogravian Army: 12,000,000, 5,000 tanks
Hekloslogravian Navy: 1,500,000, 8 Aircraft Carriers
Hekloslogravian Air Force: 2,000,000, 50,000 Planes
Nuclear Warheads: Undisclosed

Historical Leaders

Hekloslogravian Heads of State



Hekloslogravia was founded when refugee Heklos and Slogravians, were expelled from their former nation, and loaded onto ships, by the United Kingdoms of Trans-Galasia and Moravia, in 1980. The king of the UKTGM, King William IX decreed that they never be allowed to return. He intended to deport all "inferior" ethnic groups, but when he died in 1981, his son Robert I halted the deportations.

The two exiled groups had no choice but to unify into one if they were to survive in the new land they reached. In Aberdeen, they established the Federal Republic of Hekloslogravia, in 1983.


In 1985, the President of Hekloslogravia, Edward J. Picardy, declared himself Emperor Edward I of Hekloslogravia. In 1993, Emperor Edward I, was assassinated in a coup, that could be compared to the attempted 20 July (1944), coup against Adolf Hilter, except this one was successful. Field Marshall Douglass Vernan siezed controll of the government, and had all memebers of the Imperial Government shot on sight.

Back to Democracy

Hekloslogravia briefly reverted to a Federal Republic. In the 455 Hekloslogravian Presidential Election, Charles F. Kane was elected president. In 1998, Kane was assassinated by monarchists.


The constitutional monarchy system was next, with the Kief being;James I. The head of Government would be the President of the Senate, William Korento. James I, was forced to abdicate to marry a divorcee, Katherine Simpsons. After this Edward Picardie (Emperor Edward's son) took power as Kief Edward I.

Hekloslogravian Civil War

In 2005, Field Marshall Benard Kane led a rebel faction in an attempt to overthrow the monarchy. They quickly assassinated Edward I, and his son, Kief Robert, but also lost Kane in combat. After Robert's assassination, President of the Senate William Korento was declared regent. After the brief crisis, Kief Edward's son Joseph ascended the throne as Edward II on 7 February.

End of the Monarchy

In May, 2005 President of the Senate Thomas Sawyer overthrew the boy-kief, and became the interm-President of Hekloslogravia.

Attempted Coup

In May of 2005, Senator Thomas Y. Madison briefly overthrew President Thomas Sawyer. Soldiers quickly killed Madison, and innaugerated the winner of the 457 Hekloslogravian Presidential Election, Jake Clawston, as President of Hekloslogravia.

Metis Civil War

Mittsvillian Embassy Crisis

Restoration of the Monarchy

In the wake of the Mittsvillian Embassy Crisis, Anti-Clawston/Anti-Republican forces overthrew and arrested Jake Clawston. Edward I's brother James Picardie was proclaimed James II on 8 June, 2005.

Resumption and End of the Civil War

On 11 June, during the coronation of James II, Republican Forces siezed controll of the capital, Lundburg, and for the final time overthrew the kief.

Great Aberdonian War

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