Hekloslogravian Civil War

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Hekloslogravian Civil War Summary
Date: 4 March-11 June 2005
Locations: Hekloslogravia
Outcome: Institution of a republic
Deaths (approx.)
Military: 404,000
Civilian: 463,000
Total: 867,000
Main Participants
Monarchists Republicans
Dancing Bananland
Forgotten Territories

The Hekloslogravian Civil War was a minor war within Aberdeen involving 7 participants. A majority of events took place over the course of 7 days with the final portions of the war happening over the course of several months afterwards. All of the fighting took place over the grounds of Hekloslogravia or near its borders.


The Beginning of the Uprising

On 4 March, 2006, an attempted coup by Field Marshall Bernard Kane, against the monarch of Hekloslogravia, Kief Edward I, turned into open fighting across the nation.

International Involvement

By the 16th, Dancing Bananland entered the conflict on the Kief's side. The death of the Kief by an Rocket Propelled Grenade drove PGrier and Mittsville in on the Kief's side also.

Forgottenlord's Challenge

Kane, frustrated by Forgottenlord's repeated denials of Kane's right to power, called for the assassination of Forgottenlord. Prime Minister Alison Riben of Forgottenlands ordered Kane to rescind his call within 24 hours, or face the consequences. Kane though was killed in action, and was succeded by General James Barnean, who resinded the order.

Kane's Warning

Historians feel that Kane's final battle was a less than logical strike - facing superior numbers, attacking a point that had little strategic value, and choosing a direct rush at the enemy is often seen as Kane's biggest mistake of his career. Survivors of the rebel forces, however, tell of a different story.

On the night prior to the battle, Kane went to bed with 4 guards protecting his tent. Later that night, he woke up finding that all 4 were dead and hanging from the roof of his tent. Between the relentless babble and the illogical orders, the soldiers heard him mutter something about a threat. While no survivors recall seeing anyone but the guards near the tent nor did any bear witness to the event, it is believed that at least one assassin was present and threatened Kane. If this story is true, it could explain the illogical behavior of Kane the next day and his subsequent death.

Kane's Successor

Field Marshal James Barnean tried to negotiate a surrender with Forgottenlord, but he was soon murdered by those within the republican government that did not want to give in to the monarchists yet.

Riben and Peter

The Evacuation of Korento

On 18 March, after Edward's son, Robert I had been assassinated, Celeste was sent to evacuate Prime Minister William Korento, and his government. But after being informed that this might be a trick, he refused to leave.

The Razings

The Coordinated Attacks

Korento's Shell

The Great Three

The Ambush

The Base Camp

The Forgottenlands Base camp was located just outside Hekloslogravia's borders. The camp was huge, holding the numerous prisoners that had been taken while acting as the base of operations and main waypoint for incoming Forgottenlands forces. At the time of the attack, Tristan Angel, Prime Minister of Angel Fire and Alison Riben, Prime Minister of Forgottenlands, were touring the base. The first strike landed near the tent they were in and while neither of them were injured, at least one other occupant within the tent was killed.

Angel ran straight for the front and ignored the orders from the Base Commanders not to engage enemy forces. She and her bodyguard charged straight into the midst of battle and killed dozens. When the large airforce stationed at the base moved into position to take down the opposing forces, the two of them were nearly killed as the explosions went up around them.

No official reprimands were given to Angel though there is some speculation she may have been punished behind-the-scenes. She would not leave the borders of the Forgotten Territories until the Coronation Incident several months later. Riben, however, was diagnosed with a case of shell shock.

All Quiet on the Heklo Front

Jake Clawston

The Coronation

Navel War

Only a two actual sea battles were fought in the Hekloslogravian Civil War.

Battle of Hostrohne

17 March, 2006


  • Republican: 2 Destroyers, --- Soldiers
  • Monarchist: 2 Battleships, 2 Destroyers, and 8 Gunboats, 102 Marines


  • Republican: 2 Destroyers, 114 Soldiers
  • Monarchist: 1 Gunboat, 46 Marines


On the 17th of March, 2006, a division of republican soldiers, accompanied by the republican destroyers, HWS R. Cimbal, and HWS Harry Kelter attacked the monarchist held port of Hastrohne. At the port were the HWS Heklova (Later HWS Dancing Bananland), two destoryers, eight gunboats, and the still incomplete, HWS Plezan. The monarchist ships got underway as the port fell to the land forces, only to run into the two destroyers. The republican ships sunk the monarchist gunboat, GB-18, but were sunk by shells from the Plezan's 30in. guns. The Plezan an the Heklova then preceded to fire on the advancing republican forces, giving monarchists enough time to destroy the fuel, and stores of the port.

Battle of Peckrin Bay

3-4 April, 2006


  • Republican: 1 Aircraft Carrier, 1 Battleship, 2 Crusiers, 6 Destroyers
  • Monarchist: 4 Aircraft Carriers, 3 Crusiers, 12 Destroyers, 3 submarines


  • Republican: 1 Destroyer
  • Monarchist: 1 Crusier, 2 Destroyers

On 3 April, 2006, Republican "Carrier Squadron 2", (containing the HWS Hekloslogravia, and HWS Hawk) intercepted the monarchist task force send to capture Hostrohne. Republican planes attacked the first element of the force, sinking the crusier HWS Barnt City, and the two escorting destroyers. Upon discovering that they were up against four carriers, the Republicans withdrew, saving their only carrier. The next day, the monarchist submarine, S-18, damaged the HWS Hekloslogravia, and sank the destroyer HWS George Miller.

Monarchist Ships Lost

HWS S-6Monarchist Submarine-Sunk by Planes
HWS John Wilkson-Monarchist Destroyer
HWS GB-18-Monarchist Gunboat*
HMS T-173-Monarchist Transport
HMS T-65-Monarchist Transport
HWS Martelon-Monarchist Destroyer**
HWS Barnt City-Monarchist Cruiser**
HWS GB-67-Monarchist Gunboat

Republican Ships Lost

HWS S-58-Republican Submarine
HWS S-17-Republican Submarine
HWS S-34-Republican Submarine
HWS S-35-Republican Submarine
HWS S-21-Republican Submarine
HWS S-43-Republican Submarine
HWS R. Cimbal-Republican Destroyer-Sunk by battleship HWS Plezan*
HWS Harry Kelter-Republican Destroyer-Sunk by battleship HWS Plezan*
HWS S-27-Republican Submarine
HWS Thomas Reilly-Republican Destroyer**
HWS George Miller-Republican Destroyer**
HWS GB-67-Monarchist Gunboat
HWS S-3-Republican Submarine
HWS S-31-Republican Submarine

Sunk at the Battle of Hostrohne*
Sunk at the Battle of Peckrin Bay**

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