Heraclitus Group

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Heraclitus Groep
Headquarters: Hengelo, Knootoss
Nationality: Knootoss
Specialty: Defense, Aerospace, and IT & Services
Storefront: No Storefront Available

Heraclitus Group knows its stuff, like the philosopher it was named after. As Knootoss' largest defence company, its international Defence division operates in several VERITAS countries, and its products include airborne systems (intelligence/surveillance, missiles), land and joint systems (command and control systems, vehicle electronics, optronics, munitions), naval systems (ships, missiles, countermeasures, sonar), and air-defense systems (anti-missile systems, detection/identification systems). The Aerospace division produces avionics, air traffic management, and aircraft simulators. The smaller IT & Services Division specialises in military-graded network, communications, and transaction security systems.

Capabilities and Programs

Employing about 300,000 people in Knootoss alone, Heraclitus operates on a large variety of markets, military and civil. Heraclitus' principle field of activity in 'Knootoss proper' is naval defence systems. Other military activities include air defence, communications, optronics, munitronics, cryogenics and security. On the civil market, Heraclitus Knootoss provides a full range of navigation and positioning equipment.

Heraclitus Knootoss holds advanced knowledge in naval missile control systems designed to defend a naval ship against air threats. The naval sensors, radar and infrared systems rank among the world's best. Heraclitus Air Defence produces various types of ground based systems which have proven a moderate succes. Heraclitus Communications has proven its innovative capabilities with the futuristic Digitised Soldier System which integrates with the CAESAR Supercomputer 2.0. A contract with the Knootian Defence Force is still running.

With a 30 year experience, Heraclitus Cryogenics is a world leader in cryocooling with a wide range of cryocoolers, from Joule Thomson to Stirling, including rotary, linear and pulse tube coolers for all infrared applications, but also super-conductive technologies, X-ray, telecommunications or laser needs. This expertise was used in producing the Ondeugd-class Battleship of the Knootian Marine, along with other designs.


In a recent move, the large international defence conglomerate Freethinker Defence Industries (FDI) bought out a 51% share of the Heraclitus Group in a takeover bid. Despite some misgivings in both Knootoss and The Freethinker Commonwealth, the proposal was successful and the Heraclitus Group was intergrated into the huge FDI arms manufacturing division, becoming the new international wing of the company and providing extensive new expertise and clients for FDI to utilise and suppy. However, the Knootian Government still notably owns 33% of the company and still wields considerable influence within the corporation and how it is run.