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Flag of Hertopia
Motto: United under one for the benefit of all
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Region Union of Island Dictators
Capital Red Herwick City
Official Language(s) English/Hertopian
Leader Herwick
Population 12 million
Currency Gueverian Dollar 
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Hertopia is a left-wing revolutionary state. Small, yet growing, Hertopia is ruled by the benevolent dictator known only as Herwick. The people of Hertopia, mostly Nordic and Celtic in ancestry, enjoy some of the best health care, education, and civil rights the world over. The nations largest industries, such as Oil, Electricty, Weapons Production, Water, and Agriculture have all been nationalized and are worked on by well paid government employees. Private industry is small and regulated, ensuring greed and profit are never to be put ahead of serving the masses.


The economy of Hertopia is not the strongest, yet still powerful. With a majority of it's profits made by, and going back into, the government, Hertopia's economic growth remains a constant 2%. However, what Hertopia lacks in economic power, it makes up for in civil liberties and social welfare. Hertopia's main exports are oil, agriculture, and medical supplies


Hertopia consists of various political parties, the most powerful being the Herwickian Party, which currently holds around 95% of the population. Hertopia is remarkable for having free elections, in which the population can elect anyone it wishes to Congress (Though Herwick, due to his supreme importance, is Ruler for life).


Though religion does not play a large part in the average Hertopian's life, Hertopia does have many H-Temples scattered throughout. These temples allow Hertopians to worship Herwick and practice Herwickism.


The Hertopian military is mostly comprised of a strong self-defence core, known as the Hertopian Guard, and a larger, more integrated army. The Hertopian military is a bit of an oddity in comparison to other, larger militaries, in that it's Air Force, Army, and Navy are all combined and simply called the "Hertopian Protection Force". The entire military contains 3 million troops.

Hertopian Protection Force

The main branch of the Hertopian military, the Hertopian Protection Force (HPF for short) consists of 2.5 Million troops. This is made up of:

25,000 Dragunov snipers

950,000 AK-47ground infantry

20,000 T-55 tanks

1,000,000 People's Infantry

25,000 People's APCs

22,000 SA-8 Anti Air

25,000 MiG-17s

65,000 MiG-21s

5 People's Destroyers (73,600 troops on each)

Hertopian Guard

The elite troops of Hertopia, the Hertopian Guard are trained in guerillia tactics and Anti-Air tactics. Consisting mostly of ground troops carrying Peoples Protection Rifles, this 500,000 man force is stationed in various underground bunkers in an intricit, albeit cheap, tunnel system (similar to the Viet Cong).