History of Nojika

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"Our [Nojikan] history is so grand, it would take a thousand libraries to fill."

- Senator Kam Cosset of Hiloy

Established by Brakiss, the Empire of Nojika was founded to replace the Old Republic of Nojika. Currently, the Empire consists of over two billion citizens and has governers set up as representatives throughout the region.

The Republic's end came at the height of a civil war and regional warfare. Not long after the war with Nova Roma had ended, civil war broke out over a dispute, in the senate, over how trade should be regulated domestically and regionally. And shortly after the dispute's first blood shed was had, the Supreme Chancellor of the Senate, Brakiss, declared himself Emperor so that he would be more able to control the state duing troubleing times, and as an attempt to restore peace to all Nojikan homes.

Establishment of the Republic

The Republic of Old Nojika

Waring Times

Shortly after Nojika had been recognized as a sovereign nation within Atlantian Oceania, its first elected president, President Kaiji Delmar ordered a dozen of Nojikan intelligence agents to infiltrate the Techocon Military Research Lab in the Nova Roma capital, Orichalc. The orders came after the poorly financed Nojikan government had become suspicous of certain undisclosed and confidential evidence that Nova Roma had begun to design and develop weapons of mass destruction. The Nojikan intelligence agents succesfully uncovered a secret weapon that the Romans had created; the Lucifer Project. And although Nova Roma claimed that Nojika had illegally entered the country and certain military bases without authorization, it seemd as though many of the Atlantian Oceania citizens and leaders supported what Nojika had done.

Pre-Imperial Rule

Imperial Declaration

Just two years after the conflict with Nova Roma, Nojikan citizens demanded a change of leadership of the government. The demands came after it became clear the Nojikan President, Kaiji Delmar had provdided financial aid to a terrorist organization led by Noj Kissane to commit the murder of 20,000 innocent Roman citizens.

Post Imperial Rule