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The Empire of Uhuh-Topia and the Kingdom of Uhuh-Ropa have a tightly interwoven history. Both nations were part of the Uhuh-Topian Empire until the year 1917 when Uhuh-Ropa gained independence and the remaining part of the Uhuh-Topian Empire became known as the Empire of Uhuh-Topia.

In modern times, the two nations have grown a lot closer again and they have formed the alliance of the Allied States of Ropa-Topia, with both countries remaining autonomous nations.

Early history of the Ropatopian region

Uhuhland Man

200,000 - 50,000 BC

The oldest traces of inhabitants (about 200,000 BC) in Uhuhland were found by archaeologists in 1907 around the Sea of Uhuh, including stone tools and some skeletal remains. These remains belonged to the Uhuhland Man (Homo Uhuhensis, a species of the Homo genus). Archaeological finds indicate that the Uhuhland Man lived in Uhuhland from around 200,000 BC to about 50,000 BC, when the Uhuhland Man disappeared from Uhuhland, up to 30,000 years before Homo Sapiens migrated into Uhuhland.

First humans

30,000 - 20,000 BC

The first humans arrived in Uhuhland between 30,000-20,000 BC, and these early Uhuhlanders lived in small nomadic tribes, at first in the coastal regions only but later moving deeper inland.

The first permanent settlements started to appear around 15000 BC in a small region near the Uhuhztec mountains in north-west Uhuh-Topia, while the oldest permanent settlements in the coastal regions appeared much later (c. 5000 BC).

The oldest stone structures include the Great Pyramid of Uhuhland at the Uhuhztec Plateau, which was built around 7500 BC, and the hunebeds in the Uhuh-Ropean province of Haeveldt (c. 3300 BC).

Ropa-Topian Empire

Unknown - ~1400

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Uhuh-Topian Empire

1723 - 1917

The roots of the Uhuh-Topian Empire lie within the Ropa-Topian Empire. Although this empire had fallen apart into dozens of small autonomous nations by the end of the 16th century, the idea of an empire stretching from the coasts of the Ropatopian Sea to the inland Sea of Uhuh remained alive. Several leaders tried to expand their own little nations, but it wasn't until 1723 that Delmer the Conqueror of Arcadia rose to power and started to expand his empire, which he named Uhuh-Topia, both after the legendary Uhuh and the Ropa-Topian Empire.

The young Uhuh-Topian Empire expanded even more under the reign of Delmer's son, Delmer II, but other nations rose to power as well in Uhuhland and Uhuh-Topia's borders remained roughly the same for over a century.

Ropa-Topian Wars

First Ropa-Topian War

1910 - 1917

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Uhuh-Ropean independence


In 1917, the leaders of the two parties met in the city of Ropadam and signed a peace treaty that is now known under the retronym First Treaty of Ropadam. Uhuh-Ropa's independence was established in this treaty, and Prince Leo of Ropadam (a cousin of Emperor George III of Uhuh-Topia) was crowned king of the new nation.

Second Ropa-Topian War

1933 - 1934

When Emperor George IV succeeded his father in 1920, the new emperor didn't make it a secret that he wanted Uhuh-Topia and Uhuh-Ropa to be united again, and by force if necessary. The Uhuh-Topian parliament tried to prevent this on several occasions, but in 1925 George IV fired the entire government.

In the following years there were several conflicts in the border regions, which culminated in George IV authorizing the use of chemical weapons in February 1933 on what the emperor referred to as 'military targets'. A hundred thousand civilians were killed and approximately three thousand Uhuh-Ropean soldiers. This action was immediately followed by the Uhuh-Topian armed forces marching into the Uhuh-Ropean capital Ropadam and war was declared officially.

The occupation of Ropadam only lasted ten months, until Uhuh-Topian army leaders mutinied and arrested the emperor. George IV was delivered to the Uhuh-Ropean government and imprisoned until the government in Uhuh-Topia was reinstated in early 1934. The first act of this new government was an immediate surrender of the armed forces within Uhuh-Ropa and George IV was deposed. The former emperor was turned over to the Uhuh-Topian authorities, who decided he had to be held accountable for the massacres a year earlier, whether George was a member of the royal family or not. A joint Uhuh-Topian/Uhuh-Ropean tribunal found him guilty of all charges, sentenced him to death and at the end of the year, George IV was executed by firing squad.

The war was ended officially when both governments, and King Leo I of Uhuh-Ropa, signed the Second Treaty of Ropadam, which outlawed the use of chemical and biological weapons.

The Year Without Emperor

1934 - 1935

After the deposal and execution of Emperor George IV, the Uhuh-Topian government considered forming a republic, but the royal family was still very popular (except for the last emperor, now commonly referred to as George the Massacrer) and George's brother James in particular. James was crowned Emperor by the Uhuh-Topian government in 1935.

Ropa-Topian Alliance

1975 and later

In 1975 Uhuh-Topia and Uhuh-Ropa formed the Ropa-Topian Alliance (RTA), an international organization for collective security. The possibility of such an alliance was already described in the Second Treaty of Ropadam, but the decision to form the RTA was made in the form of the Ropa-Topian Treaty of 1975, also known as the First Treaty of Uhm. Its headquarters are located on the Isle of Uhm.

The core of the RTA is Article II of the Ropa-Topian Treaty:

[Uhuh-Topia and Uhuh-Ropa] agree that an armed attack against either of them in Uhuhland shall be considered an attack against them both. Consequently they agree that, if such an armed attack occurs, both of them will assist the Party so attacked by taking forthwith, individually and in concert with the other Party, such action as it deems necessary, including the use of armed force, to restore and maintain the security of Ropa-Topian area.

Ropa-Topian Sports Alliance

1976 - present

See main article about the Ropa-Topian Sports Alliance

Allied States of Ropa-Topia

2022 - present

In 2022, the cooperation between the two nations was drastically extended beyond the areas of military (RTA) and sports (RTSA), when the Allied States of Ropa-Topia were establised by the signing of the (Second) Treaty of Uhm. Both nations stayed independent, but the Isle of Uhm, Uhuh-Topian territory before this treaty was signed, became shared territory between the two nations.

The motto of the Allied States reveals its origin in a military and a sports organization: Brothers in arms -- and sports.

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