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This is the history of the Papal Emperors of Catholic Europe.

The Establishment

Blessed Pope Jamie I

Full name: Jamie (Michael) McArthy
Age at Coronation: 32
Age at death: 80
Born: Dublin, Ireland
Race: Irish

Our first ruler was Pope Jamie I who reigned for 48 years and who lead us to the Middle East from Europe. He died after being crushed by a statue in a bomb blast at the Maria Cathedral (the holiest cathedral in Genesis City), which was set off a by cult religion called Tumba.

He is now viewed in Catholic Europe as a mythical warlike character, much like King Arthur is in England.

He has been declared a martyr by the Church and, as a result, has been beatified

Pope Leo V

Full name: Leo (Thomas Maria) Doherty
Age at Coronation: 35
Age at death: Unknown
Born: Genesis City
Race: Irish

Our second ruler was Pope Leo V. He is infamous as the ‘'Paedophile Pope’'. He reigned for 26 years, during which time he was dogged by stories of paedophilia, which he categorically denied. He then, after returning from a 'paedophile weekend' in Harumf (a now dead nation), staged his own assassination. He was later found to be living in Harumf.

His remains mysteriously turned up in Nag Ehgoeg and are now interred there. The people of Catholic Europe revile Pope Leo V and he is used to scare little children in folk stories.

Pope Urban IX

Full name: Urban (Joao) Felipao
Age at Coronation: 30
Age at death: 47
Born: Yaren
Race: Brazilian

Our third ruler was Pope Urban IX. He reigned for 17 years and was seen as a very strong, determined man. During a state visit to Nag Ehgoeg, which was under rule by the Black Pope then, he was routinely examined and found to have testicular cancer. The Nag Ehgoeg government then commited compulsory euthanasia on him and he died.

The Nag Ehgoeg government, to this day, continues to deny that Pope Urban IX was murdered.

Pope Sidibie I (Saint Sidibie Okocho)

Full name: Sidibie (Obina George) Okocho
Age at Coronation: 42
Age at death: 45
Born: Genesis City
Race: Nigerian

Our fourth ruler was Pope Sidibie I. He was the first black African Pope. He was a strict Catholic and immediately brought in strict, traditional laws - one of which was to expel all Jews and burn those (Jews) who wouldn't leave. He reigned for only 3 years, after the Cardinals had him arrested for heresy and treason. He was burned at the stake.

Pope Sidibie I was declared to be a saint by Pope Emmanuel I, becoming the first Catholic European Pope to be made a saint. He was also declared to be a martyr for the Holy Catholic Faith

The Golden Age

Pope Dominic I

Full name: Dominic (Leon) Brown
Age at Coronation: 21
Age at death: 89
Born: Kingston
Race: Mixed race

Our fifth ruler was Pope Dominic I. He ruled Catholic Europe for the longest amount of time - reaching his golden anniversary and dying in his 68th year of reign, at the age of 89 years (this record has now been broken by Pope Emmanuel I). He was probably our most 'stable' Pope, but he lead us into two wars (more than any other Pope) and people are now starting to think that perhaps he wasn't such a 'stable' and good Pope.

His reign is often viewed as the Golden Age of Catholic Europe, much like the reign of Queen Elizabeth I of England - a long and glorious affair which made Catholic Europe the powerful nation that it is today.

Pope Urban X

Full name: Urban (Duilio José) Aguirre
Age at Coronation: 19
Age at death: 48
Born: Tarla
Race: Mexican

Our sixth ruler was Pope Urban X, the great great-grand cousin of Pope Urban IX. He was coronated at the young age of 19, making him the youngest Pope ever (until Pope Cristiano II & Pope Emmanuel I) and he ruled for 29 years.

He was, effectively, a weak leader, much unlike his papal ancestor and his stubborness was to cause the First Civil War.

He was killed during the Civil War of Catholic Europe which saw the military, headed by General Ricardo (later Emperor Ricardo), rise up and try to overthrow the Church. He was killed when a bomb hit a church that he was preying in, in a village called Tarla.

His reign initated simony amognst the Catholic European Church.

Secular Rule

Civil War & Ceasefire

We then entered a period of civil war which lasted about 12 years, until both the Church and General Ricardo, controlling the military, agreed to a ceasefire.

The ceasefire lasted 3 years and was brought to an abrupt end by General Ricardo. Both the Church and himself had travelled to Patrua in order for peace talks to begin but, on the third day, he was completely offended at the idea of a seperate north-eastern Catholic Europe, which would be run by the Church. He left Patrua and in an unprecendented act, crowned himself Emperor Ricardo I of Catholic Europe.

Emperor Ricardo I

Full name: Ricardo (Lorenzo Roberto Maria) Luccessi
Age at Coronation: 45
Age at death: 89
Born: Genesis City
Race: Italian

Emperor Ricardo I was our seventh ruler and reigned for 44 years. Emperor Ricardo's reign brought huge chaos to Catholic Europe. The economy collasped, the people lived in constant fear of their lives due to puritanical laws and Catholic Europe became an outcast of the region.

However, Emperor Ricardo's reign of terror was brought to an end by an assassination. Many people suspect United Elias' FSB as the culprits of his death but there were many high-ranking officers within Emperor Ricardo's army that had a strong hatred for him.

As a result of his reign, the Church gained ultimate power and people have not questioned it since fearing a return to the tyrannical secular days of Emperor Ricardo. This can also explain Catholic Europes severe hatred for secular rule.

The Restoration

Pope Clement XV

Full name: Clement (Ruben Carlos) Torres
Age at Coronation: 30
Age at death: 72
Born: Luis City
Race: Spanish

Pope Clement XV was the seventh Pope and eighth ruler and he ruled for 42 years. After the death of Emperor Ricardo I, the Church took back control of all of the land of Catholic Europe and her 1.411 billion people (the population at the time). Pope Clement XV is seen as a Pope that worsened relations very severely with the other Christian state - The Knights Hospitalars.

He died of shock after the Grand Master came to visit the Pope, asking for forgiveness, and then he (The Grand Master) stabbed himself.

He has come to be viewed as a schismatic Pope by Catholic Europe.

Pope Jamie II

Full name: Jamie (Dermot) McArthy
Age at Coronation: 40
Age at death: 64
Born: Genesis City
Race: Irish

Our eighth Pope and ninth ruler was Pope Jamie II, who ruled for 24 years. A descendant of Pope Jamie I, Catholic Europe's 1st leader, through his mothers side Pope Jamie II was and has become known as the quiet Pope. His time marked stability in Catholic Europe and a withdrawal from active foreign polictics. He died after a brief rift with the Grand Master, when some Knights accidentally murdered him.

His reign is often seen as a regathering of Catholic Europes 'self', preparing for troubles ahead.

Pope Alexander IX

Full name: Alexander (Damani Edward) Ralph
Age at Coronation: 37
Age at death: Unknown
Born: Kingston
Race: Jamaican

Our ninth Pope and tenth ruler was Pope Alexander IX and he ruled for 27 years. His reign marked a huge rift in Catholic European relations with Patrua. Something which had not been seen since Emperor Ricardo's reign. He consistently claimed that the Patruan government was on an atheistic cause against Catholics in Kaduiri and other nations. The situation became so bad that, eventually, he expelled the Patruan ambassador to Catholic Europe.

After further rifts with other leaders within the Church and region, he disappeared, never to be found again.

Views on Pope Alexander IX are often split - some view him as a schismatic whilst others praise him for his condamnation of Patrua and secularism.

Pope Pius XIII

Full name: Pius (Charles Benedict) Greenwood
Age at Coronation: 60
Age at death: 102
Born: Yammas
Race: Mixed race

Our tenth Pope and eleventh ruler was Pope Pius XIII who ruled for 42 years. Pope Pius XIII was a huge change from the previous Pope, Alexander IX. He was much less imperialistic and much more diplomatic, making great effort to improve relations between Catholic Europe and Patrua. He was a wise man and he wrote many books on theology and philosophy. He died at the old age of 102 of a heart attack.

Often viewed as the wise man of Catholic Europe. There have been many calls for his canonization, which the Church is duly investigating.

Pope Gregory XVII

Full name: Gregory (Aiden) Keane
Age at Coronation: 24
Age at death: 51
Born: Genesis City
Race: Irish

Our eleventh Pope and twelfth ruler was Pope Gregory XVII, who ruled for 27 years. Immediately after the death of Pope Pius XIII, he embarked on a tour of the Middle East, hoping to expand on the improvement of relations with other countries begun by Pope Pius XIII. The trip was well received and much of the damage done by Alexander IX was long forgotten. However, his record at home ws not good. He was given the nickname 'Vacation Daddy' as he spent very little time in Catholic Europe. He died of a stroke, although it was later suspected to be an assasination throught poison, implanted into the Pope's food by a militant Patruan atheist.

History has not been kind to Pope Gregory XVII - citing him as a bad Pope who was more concerned with international adulation than business of the Church.

Pope Alexander X

Full name: Alexander (Louis-Marie) Louvez
Age at Coronation: 60
Age at death: 98
Born: Nicolaville
Race: French

Our twelfth Pope and thirteenth ruler was Pope Alexander X, who ruled for 38 years. His reign was a not a very eventful one, although he was an old Pope when he was coronated - 60. He mainly concentrated on home affairs, striving to improve the economy, which had been declining and the education system. He died of old age.

Often seen as a reconciliatory Pope, striving to keep the Church unified but stopped by his old age.

The Reformations

Pope Sidibie II

Full name: Sidibie (Marlon James) Antonio
Age at Coronation: 33
Age at death: 42
Born: Genesis City
Race: Mixed race

Our thirteenth Pope and fourteenth ruler was Pope Sidibie II, who ruled for 9 years. Pope Sidibie II, unlike the other holder of his name, was a liberal, progressive Catholic. He immediately set about modernising and reforming the Catholic Church by holding a council of all Cardinals, bishops and other Church people in Genesis City. Many significant changes to dogma were made there, for example: the Church's stance on contraception and divorce. The radical, liberal changes angered many Priests, especially those that were foreign and rural.

The biggest change, however, was to be the official ordination of women. Talks had begun on this, but, during a lunch break a massive bomb explosion was set off - now thought to have been done by extreme Catholics who were angry at the changes made to the Church. Pope Sidibie II's dream of womans ordination was stopped short and his reign came to a bloody end.

The Church has officially condemned him for his ultra-liberal views and for causing great schism within the Church.

Pope Urban XI

Full name: Urban (Juan Andreas) Chitiva
Age at Coronation: 32
Age at death: 73
Born: Genesis City
Race: Colombian

Our fourteenth Pope and fifthteenth ruler was Pope Urban XI. He ruled for 41 years. Pope Urban XI was a moderate Catholic whose main aim was to re-unite the Catholic Church after the horrendous split which ended the reign of Pope Sidibie II. He stopped all immediate reforms but kept many of them as they were. He also banned all kinds of reform, either back to the old ways or liberal, from occuring. His reign also saw a quiet period in international relations and he maintained this on Catholic Europes behalf. His reign was a period of stability both politically, religiously and economically......until the end of his reign. It would seem that this was merely the calm before the storm. The anti-religious terrorists group ARM re-emerged onto the international scene with the advent of the nation of New Harumf. This terrorist group, helped by both New Harumf, Nag Ehgoeg and possibly other atheist/secular governments assassinated His Holiness - though the Church has never officially confirmed this.

This re-opened the splits between the traditional and progressives within the Church and ultimately who would be the next Pope.

His reign has often been viewed as ineffective and stumbling in issues that needed to be dealt with - ultimately ending in his assasination.

The House of dos Santos Aveiro

Pope John XXIV

Full name: John (Jorge Luis Maria) dos Santos Aveiro
Age at Coronation: 50
Age at death: 88
Born: Kingston
Race: Portuguese

Our fifthteenth Pope and sixthteenth ruler was Pope John XXIV, who ruled for 38 years. He initiated change within the Church and Catholic Europe on quite traditional lines. He disposed of the ban on reform, made by Pope Urban XI, and returned the Tridentine Mass.

Most notably, his reign saw the re-emergence of very bad relations with Patrua. He often accused them of atheist plots and oppression of Catholic peoples. However, this is all his foreign policy was noted for. Other than this, Catholic Europe stepped down from the regional stage and instead the Pope directed a more internal 'approach', where he improved the countries financial situation and laid down clear guidelines as to how everything should be run.

His reign is viewed as the beginning of the modernisation of Catholic Europe as it marks the beginning of the establishment of the House of dos Santos Aveiro's dominance in the Church. Simony took root in his reign to becoming law today.

Pope Cristiano I

Full name: Cristiano (Ronaldo Pedro Luis Maria) dos Santos Aveiro
Age at Coronation: 25
Age at death: 73
Born: Kingston
Race: Portuguese

Our sixthteenth Pope and seventeenth ruler was Pope Cristiano I. He ruled for 48 years. He was a member of Pope John XXIV's family, supposedly a great-nephew. However, on his accession, rumours were abound that he was actually an illegitimate son of Pope John XXIV's. Many people, mostly outside of Catholic Europe, compiled huge evidence proving that His Holiness was an illegitimate child between John XXIV and an opera singer of the Mass. Many point to the fact that John's niece, the supposed mother of Cristiano I, was never actually seen to be pregnant at the time of Cristiano's life in the womb whilst Maria (the alleged mother) disappeared for over a year between showing signs of pregnancy and Cristiano's birth. Pope Cristiano I fervently denied this (as it would make him unable to be Pope) and issued an act against any testing of Pope's for their paternal and maternal lines.

His rule carried on the work of his relative (father or not) and traditionalism continued under the dos Santos Aveiro family - headed by His Holiness. Work also began on a magnificent Cathedral and still continues to this day.

His Holiness, Pope Cristiano I died from mental illnesses which the Church shrouded in secrecy, much like the start of his reign. And, to add to the secrecy, rumours were again abound as his successor came to the Papacy - another dos Santos Aveiro son.

The Church has officially stated that Pope Cristiano I was not a son of Pope John XXIV. Underground opinion holds this to be false.

Pope Cristiano II

Full name: Cristiano (Ronaldo Luis Maria) dos Santos Aveiro
Age at Coronation: 18
Age at death: 38
Born: Kingston
Race: Portuguese

Our seventeenth Pope and eigthteenth ruler was Pope Cristiano II and he ruled for 20 years. With his succession the future of Catholic Europe, abloody and violent one, was sealed. The dos Santos Aveiro dynasty seemed to be complete as the third member became Pope. The Medici family, the second most powerful family in Catholic Europe after that of His Holiness', called this an act of heresy but they were heavly silenced and some members even disappeared - setting the foundations for future events.

His Holiness even passed an act enabling illegitimates to become Pope, further adding fuel to the fire that he and his predecessor/father were illegitimate.

However, the greatest event during his reign was his death. Whilst holding a meeting with bishops at his country retreat, his Holiness was shot dead. Not by a layperson but by a bishop, a Medici bishop - Gianni Medici. This was to cause huge eruption of violence culminating in the War of the Papacy (the Second Civil War). The reason for this was because Pope Cristiano II had never designated an heir (though this was later disputed by the dos Santos Aveiro family) - at least not publicly. The Cardinals thus chose the next Pope and it was not a dos Santos Aveiro member, ending 106 years of dos Santos Aveiro rule.

His death is commonly viewed as a martyrdom and the Church is investigating whether to admit him into the Order of the Faithful Martyrs - which would immediately beatify him.

The Medici Papacy

Pope Roberto I

Full name: Roberto (Matteo Amerigo Emmanuello) Medici
Age at coronation: 33
Age at death: 39
Born: Napoli, Genesis City
Race: Italian

Our eighteenth Pope and nineteenth ruler was Pope Roberto I, ruling for only 6 years. Pope Roberto I was our first Italian Pope and only the second Italian to rule Catholic Europe, the first being the infamous Emperor Ricardo I - His Holiness' reign proved to be just as influential as his Italian ancestor was.

Pope Roberto I's accession to the throne was one of immense interest. His reign stopped the 106 year dynasty of the dos Santos Aveiro family. However, the previous Pope, Pope Cristiano II had been murdered by a cousin of Pope Roberto I's - Bishop Gianni Medici. As a result of the untimely death of Pope Cristiano II, the Cardinals had to choose the next Pope with, knowing that if they did not choose a dos Santos Aveiro son then the country would be plunged into a very fragile state. However, the Cardinals chose a Medici - the arch-rivals of the dos Santos Aveiro family.

Pope Roberto I ruled with a mindset to cautious reform but, after only 6 years, a revenge killing took place and Pope Roberto I was stabbed to death in his sleep by Luis dos Santos Aveiro, a second cousin of Pope Cristiano II. His death plunged Catholic Europe into the brink of war and heralded the start of Cardinal rule.

Many people, especially of the Portuguese population, view his reign as heretical.

War of the Papacy

College of Cardinal Rule

Pope Roberto I had named a successor to him some 6 months before his death, Cardinal Giovanni Medici, a cousin of his. However, when Pope Roberto I was stabbed to death the dos Santos Aveiro family made a claim that Pope Cristiano II had infact named his heir in his diary which had remained hidden. There were two rival claims to the Papacy and the Cardinals knew that whichever one they chose, it would erupt into violence and thus they dissolved the elections and took over the government themselves. Cardinal rule lasted for 13 years and was merely a stall to the enevitable - Civil War.

The Second Civil War

The Second Civil War began when both the Medici family and the dos Santos Aveiro family had their claimants to the Papacy proclaimed Pope. After waiting for 13 years for the Cardinals to decide the families took it upon themselves to crown the next Pope. Technically, both claimants became Pope as both were crowned by a Cardinal who had the authority to proclaim a Pope and this heralded the start of Civil War as the two families went head to head with each other, lasting 21 years.

The Medici claimant - Pope Giovanni I

Full name: Giovanni (Umberto Emmanuello) Medici
Age at coronation: 30
Age at death: 44
Born: Napoli, Genesis City
Race: Italian

Pope Giovanni I was our joint nineteenth Pope and twentieth ruler, claiming rule for 14 years. His accesion to the Papacy was legitimized by the Medici family as being the designated heir of Pope Roberto I by Papal decree. His entire reign, like that of his fellow claimant was spent in in civil war. He directed many of the campaigns and early on, his success was seen to be a sign that he would prevail in the war. However, he died 14 years into the strife after being shot by foreign knights who were fighting for the dos Santos Aveiro family. War still continued for another 6 years after his death though, as the Medici family lost all their splendour and prestige.

His memory lives on in many Italian households and calls have been made for his canonization, though the Church ahs dismissed them.

The dos Santos Aveiro claimant - Pope Cristiano III

Full name: Cristiano (Ronaldo Luis Maria) dos Santos Aveiro
Age at coronation: 38
Age at death: 58
Born: Lisboa, Genesis City
Race: Portuguese

Pope Cristiano III was our joint nineteenth and twentieth ruler, claiming rule for 20 years. His accession to the Papacy was legitimized by the dos Santos Aveiro family as being the deisgnated heir of Pope Cristiano II. However, Pope Cristiano II had only named his successor in his diary which was lost and remained hidden until the untimely death of Pope Roberto I (a Medici). Upon his assasination, the dos Santos Aveiro family pronounced their discovery of Pope Cristiano II's diary and proclaimed that Pope Cristiano III was the rightful heir to the papal throne.

13 years of Cardinal rule pursued followed by the Second Civil War. Pope Giovanni I was killed 14 years into the Civil War and it can be claimed that Pope Cristiano III ruled solely for 6 years, however no official peace had taken place and it took another 6 years for the Civil War to end with the death of Pope Cristiano III - but that signalled the dos Santos Aveiro family's restoration to the papal throne and rule of Catholic Europe.

Many people view his reign as heralding the end of challenges to dos Santos Aveiro rule in Catholic Europe.

The dos Santos Aveiro Restoration

Pope Cristiano IV

Full name: Cristiano (Ronaldo Luis Maria) dos Santos Aveiro
Age at Coronation: 33
Age at death: 52
Born: Lisboa, Genesis City
Race: Portuguese

Our twentieth Pope and twenty-first ruler was Pope Cristiano IV who ruled for 19 years. Pope Cristiano IV was the youngest son of the youngest brother of Pope Cristiano III and was only 12 at the start of the Second Civil War. However, with the defeat of the Medici family in the Civil War the Cardinals were, effectively, forced to choose a close relative to Pope Cristiano III as the next papal successor. Thus, a nephew of a brother (rather than a sister) of Pope Cristiano III was chosen and he was crowned as Pope Cristiano IV.

Pope Cristiano IV was a quiet, pious man in character and this influenced his reign. He done all he could to rebuild the nation and reconcile the different factions of Catholic Europe. He worked tirelessly to improve the nation as a whole and to stop any further dynatsic struggles from occuring. He died at the age of 52 as a result of cancer of the stomach.

The Church is considering recommendations for his beatification due to miracles attributed to him at the age of 15.

Pope Cristiano V

Full name: Cristiano (Ronaldo Luis Maria) dos Santos Aveiro
Age at Coronation: 50
Age at death: 78
Born: Lisboa, Genesis City
Race: Portuguese

Our twenty-first Pope and twenty-second ruler was Pope Cristiano V. He ruled for 28 years. Pope Cristiano V was a first cousin of Pope Cristiano IV and was the second son of the second youngest brother of Pope Cristiano III. Unlike his pious, quiet and contemplative cosuin, Pope Cristiano IV, Pope Cristiano V was active, loud and determined to secure dos Santos Aveiro rule for eternity. His greatest legacy is that of the kingdoms of Catholic Europe.

Pope Cristiano V was determined that papal dos Santos Aveiro rule would never be challenged again by any family or faction. In order to procure this he set up 4 kingdoms of Catholic Europe and made his 4 eldest nephews Kings whilst marrying them to the 4 eldest daughters of the Medici family. His dream was finally realised - dos Santos Aveiro rule was finally cemented and every future Pope would be a son of his dream, a prince in their own right and heirs to the dos Santos Aveiro and Medici families.

Once the kingdoms had been established, Pope Cristiano V retired to his country residence and died of old age, content in the knowledge that his family would rule supreme in Catholic Europe.

His reign created total dominace of dos Santos Aveiro power in Catholic Europe and due to his desires for his family, the successors of St. Peter must now be of the blood royal.

The Royal Papacy

Pope Miguel I

Full name: Miguel (Ronaldo Gianni Luis Maria) dos Santos Aveiro-Medici
Age at Coronation: 22
Age at death: 47
Born: Imperial Palace, Santa Teresa (North Catholic Europe)
Race: Portuguese-Italian
Father: King Felipo I (of the North)
Mother: Queen Sofia
Regal Title: Crown Prince Miguel, Duke of Santa Teresa

Our twenty-second Pope and twenty-third ruler was Pope Miguel I, who ruled for 25 years. His Holiness, Pope Miguel I was the first born son of Pope Cristiano V's creation of the kingdoms. From his birth, he as designated papal heir and ordained into the priesthood at the age of 14 (effectively, this merely symbolic) and also became the first Medici claimant to the papal throne since the horrors of the Second Civil War. On the death of Pope Cristiano V he became Pope. During his reign, his instincts were much like that of his Medici ancestors - his policies were specifically insular and Catholic Europe did not much interfer in regional politics. He too, was also a pious and kind man and he did much for charity work in Catholic Europe. His reign, also, marked the official recognition that Catholic Europe was the most devout nation in the entire world - something which he clearly represented. He died as a result of his deep addiction to smoking, contracting emphysemia.

The Church has officially announed its plan to canonize him. He has also been made a doctor of the Church.

Pope Emmanuel I (St. Emmanuel I)

Full name: Emmanuel (Gianfranco Luis Maria) dos Santos Aveiro-Medici
Age at Coronation: 16
Age at death: 87
Born: Spiritus Sancti Palace, San Franco (West Catholic Europe)
Race: Portuguese-Italian
Father: King Emmanuel I (of the West)
Mother: Queen Luisa
Regal Title: Prince Emmanuel, Duke of Santa Olivia

Our twenty-third Pope and twenty-fourth ruler was Pope Emmanuel I, who ruled for 71 years - the longest reign in the papacy's history and dying at the age of 87. Pope Emmanuel I's reign spawned generations. Many of Catholic Europe's inhabitants have only ever known one Pope and that was he.

His reign initiated unforseen change in Catholic European culture, religion and society. His youthful and devout approach to the Holy See was manifested in extreme personal devotion to traditional Latin Catholicism. Pope Emmanuel I was a handsome young man, the envy of all men and the desire of all women. He was not just strong physically but also mentally and spiritually. His reign can be viewed as perhaps the greatest to have ever graced the Catholic European Papacy and his legacies are numerous.

With his coronation over, a teenage Pope set about on changing Catholic Europe for ever. One of his first actions was to increase piety amongst Catholic Europeans and to create a truly devout, traditional Latin Catholic nation. He encouraged, and practised, public mortification and penance, regularly leading groups of young men his age to shrines of the Virgin, their clothes blood-soaked.

This desire for a Catholic nation, however, spelled bad news for non-Catholics. His first attack was on the Jews, many of which he burned. Next on the agenda was Muslims, which caused outcry amongst the Muslim nations of the Middle East. This lead to a quick war with Egyria, which had still not officially ended at the death of Pope Emmanuel I. Finally, after much deliberation Orthodox Christians, the only denomination of Christians bar Catholics ever allowed in Catholic Europe, were expelled. He had achieved his desire of a truly pure Catholic nation in a reconquista.

For many years after, this quest caused controversy and tensions amount between Catholic Europe and her neighbours. Egyria was a main factor in this but Pope Emmanuel I's zealous and fundamentalist piety also caused many problems.

The second major event of his reign was the conversion of New Harumf to Catholicism. After the miraculous life of St. Elizabeth Rose and the Popes visions of her, New Harumf converted en masse to the Catholic faith and gave Pope Emmanuel I a much needed ally. With this, he found a new confidence to step up his Catholic program and direct out into the region. The Patruan elections signalled the start of this.

Pope Emmanuel I sent Cardinal Lonza to Patrua, the first such diplomat in generations where he met with the Catholic Party and Enid Guava. Whilst this has been viewed as a reconciliatory effort by the Church, there is also the opinion that this was an underhand effort to increase the votes for the Catholic Party.

The third, and final major event of his reign was the consolidation of Catholic European power outside Catholic Europe. New Harumf sought a Catholic King to rule them, which Pope Emmanuel I provided in the form of Prince Luis (now King Emmanuel Rose). With the conversion of Emperor Emmanuel of The Resplendant Dawn (formerly Emperor Petros) to Catholicism, Pope Emmanuel I arranged the marriage of the Emperor's heiress and the heir to the powerful South Kingdom - Crown Prince Amadeo and Crown Princess Maryam. Finally, a third plan had been hatched but his death prevented him from ever seeing its finish. Starting with Catholic Europe itself, Pope Emmanuel changed the very face of Catholicism and Catholic Europe. The culture, beliefs and society have all changed permanently whilst Catholic power has started to grow outside of Catholic Europe. His reign is one that will never be forgotten and will be hard to match. Pope Emmanuel the Evangelist, Pope Emmanuel the Great, Pope Emmanuel the Conqueror and Pope Emmanuel the Pious - Pope Emmanuel I was the greatest Pope to have ever lived and with him ends a wondurous chapter in Catholic European history.

Was canonized by Pope Celestine VI

Pope Celestine VI

Full name: Celestine (Fernando Emmanuel Luis Maria) dos Santos Aveiro-Medici
Age at Coronation: 17
Age at death: 47
Born: O Palácio de Santa Elisabeth Rosa, Santa Maria (South Catholic Europe)
Race: Portuguese- Italian
Father: King Fernando II (of the South)
Mother: St. Queen Matilda
Regal Title: Prince Celestine, Duke of San Jaime

Our twenty-fourth Pope and twenty-fifth ruler was Pope Celestine VI, who died after 30 years of rule. The second son and child of King Fernando II and St. Queen Matilda of the South, he was destined for the Papacy even before his birth after Pope Emmanuel I announced that the second born son of King Fernando II would be his successor. Thus, during his childhood he was groomed for the Papacy when, in his 17th year, it came and he was crowned.

Unlike his predecessor, who was his godfather, Pope Celestine VI was a much more reconciliatory Pope who did a number of things regionally to improve relations after Pope Emmanuel I destroyed most of them. He officially announced the end of a Catholic intifada against Patrua, just in time for elections in which the Catholic Party were very successful (perhaps due to his diplomatic skills) and he also signed a treaty with Egyria announcing the end of hostilities between the two nations which had begun at the advent of Pope Emmanuel I's reign. However, his father died which completely devasted him and Pope Celestine VI went into mourning. His death was ultimately caused by extreme mental and physical exhaustion which caused a stroke and massive heartattack. He was succeeded by his younger brother, Prince Fernando - a much more devout brother who completely followed their eldest brother, King Amadeo II.

His reign is seen as a peaceful one where effort was made to create a peaceful atmosphere without humiliating the nation.

Pope Fernando I

Full name: Fernando (Umberto Juan Marco Luis Maria) dos Santos Aveiro-Medici
Age at Coronation: 35
Age at death: 72
Born: O Palácio de Santa Elisabeth Rosa, Santa Maria (South Catholic Europe)
Race: Portuguese-Italian
Father: King Fernando II (of the South)
Mother: St. Queen Matilda
Regal Title: Prince Fernando, Duke of San Augusto

Our twenty-fifth Pope and twenty-sixth ruler was Pope Fernando I, dying after 37 years of rule. The seventh child and fifth son of King Fernando II and St. Queen Matilda of the South, Pope Fernando I was not originally groomed for a Church life (although he received a monastic education). As a boy he was fervently devoted to his eldest brother, King Amadeo II and this would have repercussions for the future. With his brother, Prince Celestine, becoming Pope Celestine VI, Prince Fernando entered the Church and was nominally maed as successor. When his brother died these wishes were carried out and Prince Fernando became Pope Fernando I.

To begin with he was neither a radical or weak Pope. He really tread waters although issuing statements and policy muc in line with Pope Emmanuel I, after his brother had tried so hard to take a strong peaceful route. This eventually manifested itself in a strong reactionary Pope, much like Pope Emmanuel I and the result was a Papal policy based on the wishes of King Amadeo II. Pope Fernando I completely followed his brothers ambitions and did everything he could to make them real. This meant even going into war, which was done. As a result of his devotion to his brother he crowned his nephew as Emperor Amadeo I and declared war on the Resplendant Dawn. A man clearly devoted to his brother, died in his brothers cause as he was shot in Nicholopolis during an Imperial procession. He nominated no successor, widely rumoured to be his 12 year old nephew, prince Cristiano, and so as the only royal Cardinal, his weak, sickly and disabled brother, Cardinal Prince Miguel was named as his successor.

His reign is often viewed with mixed feelings - that it was a glorious one or that it was a terrible one which left a legacy of 40 million dead Catholic Europeans.

Pope Miguel II

Full name: Miguel (Fernando Emmanuel Luis Maria) dos Santos Aveiro-Medici
Age at Coronation: 62
Age at death: 76
Born: O Palácio de Santa Elisabeth Rosa, Santa Maria (South Catholic Europe)
Race: Portuguese-Italian
Father: King Fernando II (of the South)
Mother: St. Queen Matilda
Regal Title: Prince Miguel, Duke of Santa Matilda de la Cruz

Our twenty-sixth Pope and twenty-seventh ruler was Pope Miguel II, dying after 14 years of rule. The ninth child and sixth son of King Fernando II and St. Queen Matilda of the South, Pope Miguel II was a sickly, disabled man who was frequently heavily afflicted with illness, although his intellectual capacity was immense. As a result of a difficult birth, Pope Miguel II remained virtually disabled throughout most of his life and was immediately sent for a Church career - as he would be unable to produce heirs. It was intended that he would become a monk but instead he chose to be ordained a priest and was made a Cardinal by his newly elected brother, Pope Fernando I. The death of his papal brother, who had not nominated an heir, meant that the sickly Cardinal was the only available choice to become Pope - there were no other royal Cardinals available. His election marked a steep downhill turn for Catholic Europe, completely engaged in a full out war. Pope Miguel II was not a fighting man and had no idea of how to command troops. His reign was marked by strife and trouble not only for Catholic Europe but also for his family as members died - including his brother and sister, Prince August and Princess Anna. Catholic European troops were consistently defeated by Coalition troops and all gains that had been made were lost, with them virtually on Catholic Europe's door on his deathbed.

A man who should never have been Pope, and would never have been but for God's will, he was a man suited to a hermitic monastic lifestyle rather than as a Holy Emperor of a nation immersed in a taxing war.

His reign is viewed as perhaps the worst in Catholic Europe history for it caused the defeat in the War and indirectly caused the death of over 100 million people.

Blessed Pope Cristiano VI

Full name: Cristiano (Amadeo Fernando Luis Maria) dos Santos Aveiro-Medici
Age at Coronation: 25
Age at death: 46
Born: O Palácio de Santa Elisabeth Rosa, Santa Maria (South Catholic Europe)
Race: Catholic European-Dawnsian (Portuguese-Italian-Greco-Arabic)
Father: King Amadeo II (of the South)
Mother: Queen Maryam of the Resplendant Dawn
Regal Title: Crown Prince Cristiano, Duke of San Jaime

Our twenty-seventh Pope and twenty-eighth ruler was Pope Cristiano VI, dying after 21 years of rule. The second son of King Amadeo II, his older brother, Emperor Amadeo I of the Resplendant Dawn was killed, along with their uncle Pope Fernando I, during a parade in Nicholopolis, Resplendant Dawn. Pope Cristiano VI spent his youth under the papacy of his very unable uncle, the sik Pope Miguel II, and was named as heir from the very start. When his uncle died, Pope Cristiano VI inherited a throne which and neglected the War and had left Catholic Europe in perpetual danger from her enemies - this would have massive repercussion later on.

Despite his impressive organisational and military skills, much like that of his father King Amadeo II, too much damage had been done during the reign of Pope Miguel II and Catholic Europe was savagely and ruthlessly crushed by the Coalition forces - over 100 million people were killed. Virtually all of His Holiness' family were killed and the Holy Father was taken as a POW. He was escorted to Antioch and tried by a biased court for genocide amongst other charges. The court found him guilty and he was executed by firing squad as a result.

Was the first non-full Catholic European Pope ever (as he was half Dawnsian through his mother, Queen Maryam).

Has been declared a martyr and beatified as a result

Pope Benedict XVII

Full name: Benedict (Emmanuel Conrad Luis Maria) dos Santos Aveiro-Medici
Age at Coronation: 18
Age at death: 73
Born: Palazzo del Rosario, Santa Maria (South Catholic Europe)
Race: Portuguese-Italian
Father: Prince Conrad (of the South)
Mother: Princess Rosa (of the East)
Regal Title: Prince-Duke Benedict of Martolio

Our twenty-eighth Pope and twenty-ninth ruler was Pope Benedict XVII, dying after 55 years of rule. As the only ordained Royal left, after the nuclear bombs of the First War of Succession, Pope Benedict XVII became Pope at a young age. However, the experience of brutal had left a marked hatred for war and everything related to it. His Holiness, throughout his reign, worked tirelessly against all wars all over the world, from South Africa to Saxe-Coburg and to Wadj, despite the many efforts of Catholic enemies to bring us to war and indicate us in war-like efforts.

His reign also witnessed a concerted effort to unite Catholics allover the world, as the Holy Father recognised that the supremacy of Catholic Europe in Catholic affairs had lead to her downfall. This can be seen through the creation of the Holy League and the Third Catholic Council. His papacy was also completely consumed with the issue of the succession, the Holy Father feeling a heavy duty to ensure that the Blood Royal line did not die out. He married Prince Augus to Princess Kasia to produce many heirs, but after the birth of a son, Prince Cristiano, her murder signalled the end. Prince August became consumed with assuming the Papacy and never married again. Instead, after the assassination of Pope Benedict XVII his worst fears were realised when Prince August had himself crowned as Pope August I, meaning that the Blood Royal would die out completely.

He is seen as a peaceful, wise and kind man who worked to improve Catholic Europes situation without resorting to violence.

Pope August I

Full name: August (Cristiano Fernando Luis Maria) dos Santos Aveiro-Medici
Age at Coronation: 27
Age at death: 37
Born: O Palácio de Santa Elisabeth Rosa, Santa Maria (South Catholic Europe)
Race: Catholic European-Dawnsian (Portuguese-Italian-Greco-Arabic)
Father: Crown Prince Duke August (of the South)
Mother: Crown Princess Maryam (of the South)
Regal Title: The Imperial Prince, Prince August
Children: 1) Prince Cristiano, Imperial Prince of Catholic Europe and The Resplendant Dawn

Our twenty-ninth Pope and thirtieth ruler was Pope August I, dying after 10 years of rule. Born during the last days of the War of Succession, he remained with his grandmother and great-grandmother (Queen Maryam and St. Queen Matilda) and thus did not die in the nuclear bomb dropped on Genesis City by Scythirus.

His first few years of life were spent in the Resplendant Dawn, he being of Dawnsian nationality. He was then taken by the newly-crowned Pope Benedict XVII back to Catholic Europe. The foremost concern of Pope Benedict XVII was the papal succession as the War had left only two royal males alive - Prince August and Prince Gravir of Patrua. Pope Benedict XVII then took the decision to marry Prince August to Princess Kasia of Poland in order to beget heirs for the papal throne.

Prince August, not overly pleased at the marriage, produced one son, Prince Cristiano, with his new wife before she was assassinated in her native Poland. This was the cue for the change of the Prince. He went into virtual hiding in the monastic village of Polanti. During his hiding he became obsessed with his birthright - convinced that the Papal throne and the throne of the Resplendant Dawn were his. He styled himself the Imperial Prince and set up his own court where he would often be dressed as a Papal-Emperor. He also refused any further marriages that Pope Benedict XVII proposed for him, ostensibly so that he could be ordained and become Pope.

The death of Pope Benedict XVII in a plane crash enabled Prince August to be ordained and crowned Pope, before the designate, Pope Gravir I, could be crowned. He then set about, immediately, of turning back the clock to the days of Catholic European militancy. He declared war on numerous countries and ordered foreign Catholics to stage intifadas. However, Catholic Europe was still too badly damaged from the War of Succession to be able to fight and Pope August I fell into madness, perhaps a result of his small gene pool. He died after 10 years rule.

Pope Gravir I

Full name: Gravir (Gravir Seminù Luis Maria) Marshall
Age at Coronation: 35
Age at death: 72
Born: Room C1.1001, Imperial Academic Hospital "Marshall XVIII" in Caputa, Patrua
Race: Catholic European-Patruan (Portuguese-Italian-Somali-Arabic-Italian)
Father: Prince Gravir Senior of Patrua
Mother: Princess Matilda (of the South)
Regal Title: His Honourable Highness, the Glorious Prince of Patru, Prince Gravir

Our thirtieth Pope and thirty first ruler was Pope Gravir I, dying after 37 years of rule. Pope Gravir I was born to Princess Matilda and Prince Gravir of Patrua in a highly controversial relationship, particularly for his mother Princess Matilda. He spent the vast majority of his childhood, until his accession as Pope, in Patrua, although he did attend monastic school in Catholic Europe.

Originally, Pope Benedict XVII had planned for Pope Gravir I to become Pope after he died, however, because Pope Gravir I was in Patrua, Pope August I assumed the throne. He was denied becoming Pope for 10 years until Pope August I died.

His reign was primarily concerned with improving Catholic Europe's reputation in the outside world. As a Pope who had not come from a Catholic majority country he knew the problems faced by Catholics outside of Catholic Europe and other Catholic countries. He re-signed all the treaties that Pope August I had broke and ushered in a more quiet and respective policy for Catholic Europe. He died whilst at prayer, as a result of a heart attack.

Pope Cristiano VII

Full name: Cristiano (August Kazimerz Luis Maria) dos Santos Aveiro-Medici
Age at Coronation: 32
Age at death: 65
Born: San Franco Monastic Village, San Franco (North Catholic Europe)
Race: Catholic European-Dawnsian-Polish (Portuguese-Italian-Greco-Arabic-Polish)
Father: Pope August I
Mother: Princess Kasia of Poland
Regal Title: Crown Prince Cristiano, Imperial Prince of the Resplendant Dawn, Crown Prince of Catholic Europe & Prince of Poland

Our thirty first Pope and thirty second ruler was Pope Cristiano VII, dying after 33 years of rule. Pope Cristiano VII was born to Pope August I and Princess Kasia of Poland, a match set up by Pope Benedict XVII in order to procure more Royal heirs so that the Papacy would not be thrown into sede vacantism. However, his mother was assassinated shortly after his birth and his father, then Prince August, became obsessed with his birthrights - that of being Pope and Emperor of the Resplendant Dawn.

His father then, at the death of Pope Benedict XVII, 'stole' the Papal throne from Pope Gravir I, a Patruan Catholic European Royal, but shortly fell into madness. Pope August I died whilst Pope Cristiano VII was still a child, which meant that the Royal Papacy would end with Pope Cristiano VII.

At the death of Pope Gravir I, Pope Cristiano VII succeeded and immediately set out to renew Catholic Europe's position in the world. He also convened the 3rd Catholic Council and announced that the ancient ritual of the conclave would be re-instituted at his death - a major change to papal doctrine.

Despite the 'calming' influences of the Patruan Pope, Pope Cristiano VII was acutely aware of his royal heritage and retained some of the old tensions that had existed under the Royal Papacy. He was, however, a diplomat publicly and came to realise that any kind of war by a Catholic nation would be extremely detrimental to the Holy Cause.

His Holiness died whilst holding a secret meeting with the leaders of the Holy League at the age of 65 in his sleep.

The Elected Papacy

Pope Gregory XVIII

Full name: Jean (André) Simone
Age at Coronation: 56
Age at death: 71
Born: Tulle, France (Gallia)
Race: Gallian (French)
Ecclesiastical Title: Bishop of Toulouse
Papal name: Gregory

Our thirty second Pope and thirty third ruler was Pope Gregory XVIII, dying after 15 years of rule. Pope Gregory XVIII made history as becoming not only the first Gallian Pope but also the first Pope to be elected using the ancient system of the conclave. However, this posed many problems for him as Pope.

Immediately after his accession, he came to feel the full force of the hostilities of the Catholic Europeans and the Catholic European clergy. By no means a moderate he was not a militant either and this brang him into conflict with the Catholic European Cardinals, especially. Something that would never have happened in the past.

To begin with his reign was uneventful, he was unable to do muchbecause of the Cardinals and his sole effort was on securing their trust so he could proceed with his policies. However, he did set up the Mission, which oversaw the conversion of many peoples to Catholicism as well as Zululand and South Africa. This had the effect of him gaining the support of a number of the Cardinals, although a vocal minority disliked him to his death.

With this new found support, he began to be more effective. He excommunicated the Syawlan Emperor after his heresy and, with the outbreak of the Winter War, re-armed Catholic Europe in defiance of Patrua, a very popular action. However, the stress of all of this as well as numerous other problems, such as the Cardinals and Israel, meant that His Holiness soon became extremely tired, weary and stressed. He died in his bed of stress, although suffering no pain and eventually loved by the vast majority of Catholic European laity and clergy.

Blessed Pope Emmanuel II

Full name: Peter (Gianpiero Katia) August
Age at Coronation: 68
Age at death: 79
Born: Zephyros, Patrua
Race: Patruan (Patruan-Catholic European Italian-Kienslanderian Russian)
Ecclesiastical Title: Peter Cardinal August, Archbishop of Zephyros
Papal name: Emmanuel

Our thirty third Pope and thirty fourth ruler was Pope Emmanuel II, dying after 11 years of rule. Originally from Patrua, the early years of his life as an ordained man were of moderation however, with the advent of the Royal Papacy and his increasing disillusionment with the Patruan Empire he became very militant, supporting terrorist organizations and uprisings in Patrua. With the collapse of the Patruan state he sought exile in Catholic Europe and was the darling of the militant right of the Church - who had just lost the Royal Papacy. Upon the death of Pope Gregory XVIII he was elected with the sheer power of the Catholic European Cardinalate behind him.

His reign saw Catholic Europe become involved in the Winter War as well as begin preparations for an offensive in Israel. His reign also saw the advent of a Second Reformation which caused a very organized and mounted attack upon the Catholic Church by a number of States and persons. But this was moderated by a number of reconciliations with excommunicated states.

Finally, his reign, and his own personal life, was highly affected by the Red Death, a mutated version of the deadly Black Death, which proved to be very infectious and highly deadly. It has been estimated that perhaps half a billion Catholic European citizens were killed by this disease. Pope Emmanuel II himself became infected, although miraculously he never passed the disease onto a single person, including Emperor Jean of Syawla who was forced to kiss his disease ridden hand, and this has been certified as proof of his saintly life.

He was beatified shortly after his death for bearing of the plague and for miracles attributed to him after people prayed to him.

Pope John XXV

Full name: Cornelius (Gaius Aurelius) Maxentius
Age at Coronation: 17
Age at death: 55
Born: Milan, Italy, Catholic Europe
Race: Norightsian (Italian)
Ecclesiastical Title: Bishop of Surat Thani
Papal name: John

Our thirty fourth Pope and thirty fifth ruler was Pope John XXV, dying after 38 years of rule. Originally from Norightsia, Pope John XXV rose to prominence a general Church council at which he famously denounced the ensuing Reformation and advocated a return to the Royal Papal militancy. The death of Pope Emmanuel II not long after that, of the Red Plague, ensured that, despite being only a bishop, he was elected to the Papal throne.

His rule saw a return to more militant ways and immediately took Catholic Europe and the Holy League to war in the Saxe-Coburgian succession. However, he soon began to overstretch the nation which, ultimately, resulted in collapse. The nation, as a whole, collapsed into a near-state of anarchy due to its near bankruptcy and the fact that it had overstretched itself. It was only saved by a huge deployment of Norightsian troops into the country, which was personally requested for by the Holy Father.

For some time after this Catholic Europe was effectively ruled by Norightsia with the Pope as a mere figurehead. This greatly angered the Catholic European Cardinals who soon demanded independance from Norightsia, often blaming the Pope who they had supported as the reason for their current woes. The Holy Father soon suffered much ill health from this before dying prematurely of stress and other related illnesses. His death was mourned by many, although some more extreme elements of Catholic European society greeted his death with enthusiasm and happiness.

Pope Urban XII St. Urban XII

Full name: Ferdinand (Wolfgang) von Berens
Age at Coronation: 60
Age at death: 75
Born: Munich, Saxe-Coburg
Race: Saxe-Coburgian (German-Austrian)
Ecclesiastical Title: Ferdinand Cardinal von Berens, Archbishop of Coburg
Papal name: Urban

Our thirty fifth Pope and thirty sixth ruler was Pope Urban XII, dying after 15 years of rule. Pope Urban XII was of Saxe-Coburgian origin and became exceptionally famous during the peak of the Red Death for his miraculous cure of those suffering from the plague, without contracting it himself. It is rumoured that he was scheduled to come to Catholic Europe to heal Pope Emmanuel II but was unable to arrive before the death his death.

When the assassination of Emperor Johann II and his wife took place, Pope urban XII was placed as the regent of the baby Emperor Ludwig II and effectively took control of the war against Prussia and her allies. Until the collapse of Catholic Europe, Saxe-Coburg was gaining the upper hand but once papal support collapsed the country began to suffer heavier and heavier defeats, especially after Neo-Rome and her allies entered the war as the collapse of Prussia took place. During this, Pope Urban XII was elected Pope and left the country. His Papal reign was marked by an earnest strive towards a more moderate Catholic Europe, which was vehemently opposed by the Catholic European Cardinals. Outside of Catholic Europe and South Africa he was pretty much loved, within these two nations he was hated. His opposition to Catholic terrorism, which was thought to have killed the Neo-Roman Empress (although she faked her own death) and which tried to kill the Neo-Caesar was denounced by the Holy Father and he sent Cardinal Alonsa (biggest funder of Catholic terrorists) to his execution in Neo-Rome.

This move signalled the end of his Papal reign as the Catholic European Cardinals turned to the ancient Blood Royal in the New Harumfian Royal Family to kill Pope Urban XII. He was assassinated by poison by Prince Donaldo of New Harumf, although it was announced that he had suffered a heart-attack at his old age. His death witnessed the end of the elected Papacy and a return to the Royal Papacy.

Was canonised by Pope Emmanuel III for his miraculous healing of those suffering from the Red Death

The Second Royal Papacy

Pope Emmanuel III

Full name: Dominico (Eduardo Francisco Luis Maria) dos Santos Aveiro-Medici
Age at Coronation: 32
Age at death: 57
Born: Haven, Nag Ehgoeg
Race: New Harumfian-Catholic European-Nagian (Portuguese-Italian-Black)
Father: King Thomas I of New Harumf
Mother: Queen Andreena of New Harumf
Regal Title: Prince Dominico of Zanzibar
Ecclesiastical Title: Dominico Cardinal dos Santos Aveiro-Medici, Cardinal Vicar
Papal name: Emmanuel

To be completed.

Pope Julius IV

Full name: William (Luis Maria) dos Santos Aveiro-Medici
Age at Coronation: 16
Age at death: N.A
Born: Genesis City, Catholic Europe
Race: New Harumfian-Catholic European-Saxe-Coburgian (Portuguese-Italian-Saxe-Coburgian
Father: Prince August of Saxe-Coburg
Mother: Princess Elizabeth of New Harumf
Regal Title: Prince William of New Harumf
Ecclesiastical Title: William Cardinal dos Santos Aveiro-Medici ,
Archbishop of Crete
Papal name: Julius