Hiyke Andertol

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Hiyke Andertol
Secretary of State
Allosauroid Dincotian
Appointed by
Popular Election

Hiyke Andertol has been Secretary of State for the most recent, as well as the current administration in Miokalia. He was elected by popular vote and has been reletively popular for the duration of both presidencies. As Secretary of State, he is second in command to the President. In the Miokalian executive system, the position of vice president in most democratic executive systems is combined with the position of Secretary of State.

Hiyke Andertol is a memeber of the New Penninsular Pacifist Party of Miokalia. His economic policies are consistently left-of-center, his social policies have been very liberal. He beleives in absolute separation of church and state, and was a proponent of the Large Church Tax.