Holy Order of The Way of Peace

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The Holy Order of The Way of Peace


The State Faith and only legal religion in the Empire of Khallayne this complex and convulted faith has been tied to the history of Khallayne since it's beginning and has always played a part in it's politics.


The Way of Peace believes that we are all eternally reincarnated into various bodies and forms in a cycle that can only be broken when one has achieved total Purification by following the precepts of the Way of Peace set by The Prophet and the Emperor or Empress. When one has attained Purification, upon death you ascend to Yellow Heaven and become a God and become "Worthy of Worship".

The Holy Order of The Way of Peace recognized over 65,000 Gods in counting.

The Way of Peace was founded by "The Prophet" a man so holy that his name can be only uttered in Prayer and never written down. The Prophet also founded the Empire of Khallayne and made his youngest son Cameron al'hei Rystal it's first Emperor.

The Way of Peace believes that there are seven cycles of Heaven that reflect the eternal cycles of the Universe and each have a different color and lenght.

White Heaven: At the beginning of Time, until the conseption of human beings, when Heaven allows for both positive and negative energys to help test and purify souls.

Yellow Heaven: The current era, a time in which negative and positive forces exist in the Universe in equal portions.

Orange Heaven: The Era to Come, when the negative engergys begin to fade and weaken, but still hold some sway.

Red Heaven: Heaven at Zenith, when negative energy all but dies in the Universe and The Way of Peace is held and practised by all.

Blue Heaven: Heaven setting, belief in the Way of Peace and Heaven fades, demons and false religions take control and reality begins to colapse.

Black Heaven: Death of the Universe, negative energy destroys both the universe and itself. The Universe is made agian.


The Emperor or Empress of Khallayne is considered the titular head of the Holy Order of The Way of Peace as the Rystal Dynasty are directly descended from The Prophet and it is taught that the Emperor or Empress will ascend to Yellow Heaven as a God upon death since they have achieved such purity that Yellow Heaven allowed them to rule the Empire of Khallayne (considered to be the holiest place in the Universe).

Beneath the Emperor is the Holy Praetor, a man or woman chosen from the most learned and deserving Cuzzo who manages the Way of Peace's day to day affairs and answers only to the Emperor.

The Cuzzos (men or women) control the Order Pari's (The Order's name for Imperial Provinces) and all the Temples and religious Institutions within that Pari. The Cuzzos also manage the Bishas.

The Bishas run all religious institutions in major cities and the surrounding areas, what defines "surrounding areas" is left to the Cuzzos and if nessisary the Holy Praetor (districting issues have never required Imperial Attention).

The Priests are the ordinary men and women who have dedicated their whole lives to the Way of Peace and achieveing Purification (or if called on going up the Order's ladder of Management).

Acolytes are the Priests in training who during their 4 years as an Acolyte decide if the Priesthood is truly their calling in life or if Yellow Heaven has other plans for them.