Holy panooly

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The Republic of Holy Panooly
 La Republica Di Divinia Panoolia
Flag of Holy Panooly, the Crown and Bars
Home of the Green Hell
Official Languages French, Spanish, Portuguese and native languages
Capital Panooly City, 6.1 million
National Map None yet.
Prime Minister Lord Rolando Ecbatana
Head of State Baron Dominic Templeton
Foreign Affairs James Meissner
Defence n/a.
Economic Affairs n/a.
Health & Education n/a.
Population ~ 4.6 billion
Independence None; partial colonial and tribal rule.
Government Type Anarchy
Nation Type Lawlessness; Anarchy
National Animal Civillian
Currency 1 Reis 1 Reis = 100 Cruizero
CHDI 0.399
Time Zone
 - in summer
GMT 11
GMT 11
Naval Craft Classification HPN - Holy Panooly Navy

HPMN - Holy Panooly Merchant Navy

Official/Predominant Religion (polynesian) religions, Catholicism
National/Most popular sports n/a.
Patron Saint Saint John the Divine
Calling Code +287

From the day it was founded on 20-11-2003 Holy Panooly (nick-named HP) never followed the rules laid down by other people. First getting into trouble by supporting terrorists like GLA, Inner Heaven, Outer Heaven and Imperial Heaven and later the sales of WMD's to just about everybody who paid. Because of this and various other things Holy Panooly got into trouble with two powerhouses back in the day (January - February 2004) Austar Union and Credonia but an invasion never happened. A New World Order nation called ViZion started an attack on Holy Panooly with the help of British Communists and another nation who died several weeks ago. The attack failed.

Some time later a major ethnic cleansing started in Holy Panooly killing all "unwanted elements of the pure society". Three nations, Axis Nova, Sarzonia and Austar Union again tried to invade Holy Panooly to stop the bloodshed but they all failed due to the harsh jungle climate of Holy Panooly. The cleansing went on and the attack of Austar Union started good but eventually an unexplained event concerning a strange black box cleansed the whole capital and all of his troops. From this day, the same fascist nazi government still takes the lead in the battled lands of Holy Panooly.

Holy Panooly also was the founding father along with The Macabees of a powerful alliance called the Right Wing Collective also known as the RWC, blood born enemies with NATO.

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