House of Knootcap

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Prince William of Knootcap, the first of the House of Knootcap to lead an independent Knootoss and the first 'Prince of the West' .

The House of Knootcap is a dynasty that played a central role in the political life of Knootoss ever since William of Knootcap organised the Knootian revolt against Lavenrunz rule, which led to the independence of the United Provinces of Knootoss.

Several members of the House of Knootcap served as stadtholder (Dutch: Stadhouder) during the war and afterwards. In 1800, however, they were forced to flee the country because of a succesful Angstian invasion which heralded the demise of the United Provinces. In 1810, after the invasion, Marc-Alexander became the first of three Stewards which shaped Nineteenth century Knootoss. With the demise of Amalia the house all but died out.

For an extensive history of the House, see the links listed in this article. For a list of leading members of the house see the list of Knootian Heads of State.

The House of Knootcap Today

After renouncing any claims to the Stewardship or any of their hereditary rights over Knootoss after the execution of Stewardess Amalia, the surviving members of the House of Knootcap adopted the apocryphal surname of Willemszoon, after William of Knootcap, Stadhouder of the United Provinces of Knootoss and main leader of the Knootian revolt against Lavenrunzian rule. Most of the surviving members of the house moved to Lavenrunz after Amalia was deposed, but as time has passed, their descendents have, for the most part, returned to Knootoss to live as private citizens. Although the surviving members renounced any claims over Knootoss they once had, they are descended from many royal houses. For instance, through their descent from Princess Helena Comnena, who was consort to Prince Maurice of Knootcap, the current Head of the House of Knootcap is twelfth in the Pantocratorian line of succession.

There are six surviving legitimate members of the House of Knootcap today. The Head of the House of Knootcap, Jan Willemszoon (born 1929), lives in Knootoss with his wife Irene. Their only son, also named Jan, died in 1987, leaving his children Amalia Willemszoon (born 1983) and Maurice Willemszoon (born 1985). Jan Willemszoon's cousin on his father's side, Gozewijn Willemszoon (born 1936), is an unmarried Catholic with no children, who lives the quiet life of an eccentric country gentleman in Lavenrunz. His cousins once removed on the Willemszoon side of the family are Hugo Willemszoon (born 1979) and Anna Willemszoon (born 1981), both living in Knootoss.