House of Picardie

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The main royal house of Hekloslogravia.

The Empire of Hekloslogravia

The Imperial House of Picardy was founded in 1985 by the President-turned-Emperor Edward I of Hekloslogravia. In 1993, Edward was assassinated, and the Empire was overthrown.


After Edward's assassination, his son Edward Robert Picardy Jr., changed the family's surname to Picardie.

The Kiefdom of Hekloslogravia

In 1998 he was made Kief of Hekloslogravia when Kief James I of the House of Parlain was overthrown. In the revolution of 2006, Edward I, and his three sons, Robert, Edward II, and Prince Samuel were successively assassinated. In June, Edward's brother James II, was overthrown.

The Empire of Heklocharis

In 2006, Franklin, brother of Emperor Edward I of Hekloslogravia, was named emperor of the newly independent nation of Heklocharis in the region of Charis. He took the name Peter I.

Crowns Held by the House of Picardie

Emperor of Heklocharis

Peter I 2005-2006
Peter II 2006-present

Emperor of Hekloslogravia

Edward I 1987-1993

Kief of Hekloslogravia

Edward I 1998-2005
Robert 2005
Edward II 2005
James II 2005
James III* 2006
Robert II* 2006-2007

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