Huis ten Bosch Palace

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Huis ten Bosch Palace in The Hague was originally built as a summer residence for Princess Helena Comnenus in the 17th century. She was very involved in the building process, supported by the palace’s architect Pieter Post and advised by Constantijn Huygens, her husband’s secretary. However, her husband died during construction and she had the palace changed into a mausoleum, in his memory.


The palace, acquired by the Knootcap family, was not used by the Stewards for a long time after the invasion of Der Angst and a plan for it to be pulled down was frustrated only at the last moment. Princess Amalia of Knootcap stayed there occasionally when she had to be in The Hague on government business but she was mostly abroad. After a restauration, the palace fell into disrepair again.

After another major restoration in the early twenty-first centry, Prime Minister Roel Vogels chose Huis ten Bosch Palace as a site for diplomatic meetings. Since then, it has been used for bilateral talks, notably in preparation for Operation Tempo Doeloe