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This article deals with Human as it relates to NationStates. For more general information, see the Wikipedia article on this subject.

Humans are the most common race or Species of Sentient Beings on NS Earth, as well as on other predominantly human settlements in Sol and beyond. Alternatively, they are sometimes called Terrans although this name does not exclusively apply to humans (see: Terra, Sol, and Luna). Sentients of other races are often referred to as non-humans, or (incorrectly) the more derogatory metahumans. The term xenos is also used, though, given its origins as a term for extraterrestrial races, it is somewhat inaccurate when referring to Terran non-humans. This term is normally only used by regimes extremely hostile to non-humans.

They are often described as "Mostly Harmless"

Baseline Humans

A baseline human is considered to be any human that lacks augments of any form, either cybernetic or genetic. If a baseline human is augmented, that human becomes a posthuman, often considered more specific form of metahumanity, although some societies consider posthumans to simply be humans.

All people in a modern day RL nation are baseline humans, barring those experimenting with basic cybernetic implants. Prosthetics do not classify someone as posthuman because medical prosthetics are intended to return functionality to a person, not grant them superior functionality. Prosthetic legs that increase the speed a user can run or the weight a user can lift classify as an augment and thus make the augmented human using it a posthuman.

One evolution of humans is Sarkarasetans.
One artificial mutation of humans is H3S9. A strain of humans known as Shiners, which are native to Tiberian Destiny, have been mutated by contamination with the extraterrestial mutagen Tiberium.