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This article is about the Human Development Index used in the region Forest. For the one published by Ceorana, see Ceorana Department of State Human Development Index.

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Inspired by the UN Human Development Index and believing that NationStates have placed too much emphasis on economic matters as an indicator of progress, the region of Forest has developed it's own Human Development Index.

This is a comparative measure and is only indicative of the relative status of the NationStates surveyed. The principle could be applied to all Nationstates using an XML feed.

The data is compiled at the McKillops Bridge Polytechnic in Errinundera.


The Forest index looks at 3 factors: alleviation of poverty; health; and education.

  • Alleviation of poverty - compares the gross domestic product per capita
  • Health - compares the amount of money spent on health per capita
  • Education - compares the amount of money spent on education per capita

For the calculation of the Human Devopment Index, Forest has relied upon NSEconomy for its data.

This is a much simpler methodology (and doesn't actually measure outcomes) when compared with the UN model which considers life expectancy, literacy and school enrolments. This information is not available in NationStates although some sort of model could be built to derive that information.

For each of the 3 categories the following formula is used:


Note: If the lowest score by a nation is 0 (ie the nation is not spending any money on that category) use a very small number, not 0, so that a logarithm can be calculated.

This will give a score between 0 and 1. The category scores are added and the average calculated. This becomes the Human Development Index. The closer the score to one, the better the nation's human development. The closer to zero, the worse.

Social Equality Adjustment

Nations with a high social equality measure will have fewer extremes in health and education standards. In other words nations with a low social equality measure will spend a disproportionate amount of their income on the health and education of the wealthy. To account for this the Forest HDI calculates an Equality Rating for each nation.

Equality Rating = Expenditure on Social Equality / Gross Domestic Procuct

The values for Health and Education spending per capita are increased by the Equality Rating.


  • Consider this example from 24 June 2006 for calculating the HDI for Carboni, one of the nations in Forest. Carboni has an Equality Rating of 7.95%.
    • GDP per capita: 2908.29
      • Highest GDP per capita in region: 31950.67 Consumer Engineering
      • Lowest GDP per capita in region: 79.41 Errinundera
        • GDP Index = (Ln 2908.29 - Ln 79.41) / (Ln 31950.67 - Ln 79.41) = .600
    • Health spending per capita (+7.95%): 299.37
      • Highest in region: 1515.27 Eungella
      • Lowest in region: 0.52 The TropicalForest
        • Health Index = (Ln 299.37 - Ln 0.52) / (Ln 1515.27 - Ln 0.52) = .797
    • Education spending per capita (+7.95%): 773.38
      • Highest in region: 1209.85 The Dawn Tiger
      • Lowest in region: 0.01 Light in NationStates
        • Education Index = (Ln 773.38 - Ln 0.01) / (Ln 1209.85 - Ln 0.01) = .986
          • HDI = (.600 + .797 + .986) / 3 = .794


64 nations, including all nations from Forest plus others of interest, were surveyed on 14 January 2007 and achieved the following ratings.

Nation Index (change) Level
Gnomus .982 very high
Northern Caesarea .977 very high
Fmjphoenix .976 very high
New Montreal States .966 very high
Bazalonia .961 very high
Nedalia .959 very high
Oliverry .959 very high
Tanah Burung .956 very high
The Lowland Clans .955 very high
Spaam .953 very high
Krytenia .950 very high
Bedistan .945 very high
Consumer Engineering .943 very high
Milchama .940 very high
Cuation .926 very high
Rejistania .921 very high
Pink Snowmen .920 very high
Wawona .919 very high
Patusan .916 high
Squornshelous .915 high
Dark Lone Wolves .910 high
Pixies on Toadstools .906 high
The Islands of Qutar .898 high
Jeruselem .896 high
Casari .885 high
Spruitland .880 high
Greyland Forest .877 high
Schiavonia .874 high
Assegai Developments .871 high
Vilita .866 high
Cikonio .864 high
Ransium .864 high
Ceorana .851 high
Carboni .848 high
Geisenfried .842 high
The Dawn Tiger .831 high
My Beloved Lúthien .829 high
Kolaxa .827 high
Karock .818 high
ArwenUndomiel .803 high
Witch Covens .790 high
Fijonia .770 high
Eungella .753 high
Sel Appa .689 medium high
Alasdair I Frosticus .664 medium high
Quakmybush .645 medium high
Goblinus .641 medium high
Starblaydia .636 medium high
Cafundeu .635 medium high
Liverpool England .632 medium high
Wentland .629 medium high
Bettia .626 medium high
Commerce Heights .618 medium high
Siberian Taiga .607 medium high
Az-Cz .583 medium high
Silva Animorum .580 medium high
Ariddia .578 medium high
Light in NationStates .559 medium high
Errinundera .558 medium high
The Archregimancy .545 medium high
Memeplex .544 medium high
Reichistanlandia .309 low
Gray Falcon .305 low
Contrarians .281 low

Sustainable Development Index

Forest also has a Sustainable Development Index that includes spending on the environment and public transport.