Huo Xing

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Huo Xing
Flag of Huo Xing
Motto: Mihi Parete Et Nemo Noceritvr
None Available
Region Congruency of Eldritch States
Capital Huo Xing
Official Language(s) Chinese, Latin, Greek, Demotic, English.
Leader Fuling IV Caesar Liu Sophopator
Population 830 million
Currency Huo Xing Denarius 
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Note: Under Heavy Construction. Please give me a few days to fill in all areas.


Ancient History (Pre-NS): The story of the founding of the nation and the city of Huo Xing is a strange one, requiring one to have some knowledge of the world upon which it all transpired, as well as the forces at work there. Millenia ago, nay, eons ago, the beings known simply as 'The Old Ones' made the world of New Shoggoth, much as they made the Earth. However, when the Great Old Ones came and warred, New Shoggoth, much as Earth, came under their influence.

Being creepy, evil, insane, and generally hard to understand, the Great Old Ones have done many things to their various realms, and unlike on Earth, on New Shoggoth they walk about freely. Consequently, many have taken loyal followers from their various cults on Earth and moved them to their realms on New Shoggoth. They also practiced taking slaves, in great quantities in ancient times, and it was from these slaves that Huo Xing formed. Various different groups of slaves from different regions and nations of Earth escaped from their captors, and spread out to found small citystates in isolated terrain. Most managed to maintain their culture and identity from Earth to some degree, and so would be recognizable to the inhabitants of said planet.

In isolation, these various groups grew from citystates to small nations, each taking in as immigrants escapees from the cultists and slaves of the Great Old Ones, until they began to impose upon eachother's borders. Eventually, through some conflict and absorbtion, there came to be only three human nation states on the (blank) peninsula. These three nations traced their lineages back through Han Dynasty China, Ptolemaic Egypt, and the Roman Republic. They lived in an uneasy peace, until finally one rose among the three, Ptolemy XXXI. Given a vision from the god Mars, he set in motion actions that changed forever the three seperate nations. Through a series of brilliant maneuverings, politicing, and in a few cases military conquests, he managed to unify all three nations, and then proceeded to found the city of Huo Xing. They date their years from the founding of this city, and ever sense then there has been a curious and surprisingly peaceful Syncretism between the various cultures, religions, and governments of them.


Planet:New Shoggoth



Primarily temperate to tropical forests, with multiple mountain ranges and numerous rivers, as well as broad rolling plains to the south, and desert to the west.

Elevation Extremes

Natural Resources

Timber, iron, coal, copper, silver, silk, tungsten, helium, petroleum, uranium, aluminum, platinum,

Land Use


Population: 830,000,000 (April 2005 Estimate)

Life Expectancy at Birth: Male: 74 Female: 78 (Cyborgs and Katzen not included due to lack of data)

Ethnic Groups

Han Chinese 46%, Egyptians 34%, Hellenic Caucasians 17%, Katzen 2%, Cyborgs 1%


By state mandate all citizens are required to acknowledge and worship Mars as the head of a strange mixed pantheon, including various Egyptian and Roman deities, as well as some chinese Mythological figures, specifically dragons. Other than the acknowledgement and occasional worship of Mars, the citizenry are free to believe whatever they wish. Consequently many other forms of religion flourish, especially many forms of chinese philosophies, such as Confucianism or Taoism.


Chinese, Latin, Greek, Demotic, English



Country Name

Conventional Long Form: The Imperium of Huo Xing
Conventional Short Form: Huo Xing

Government Type

The Imperium of Huo Xing is a strange mix between a Pharaonic religious kingdom, and a nonrepresentative secular Republic. I'll try to come up with a more official and terminologically correct way of expressing that later.


Huo Xing is the capital of the nation of the same name.

Administrative Divisions

Huo Xing proper, plus three external provinces;Greater Yupnik, Reilluminated Serenity, and Machina Ex Martis.


Economic Overview:

GDP:13,182,000,000,000 USD (HXD 14,919,000,000,000)

GDP - per capita:15,768 USD (17,846 HXD)

Unemployment Rate:5.64%


Currency:Huo Xing Denarius

Currency Code: HXD


Huo Xing has a large network of old roads, built in the Roman fashion and maintained over the years. Though still used, their use has become less frequent with the introduction of the railroad and the steam (later diesal or electric) train. Huo Xing possesses a large network of railroads, both freight and passenger, and maintains over 60,000 kilometers of railway, not including metro systems.

Huo Xing possesses nearly 98,000 kilometers of navigable waterways, both in the form of natural rivers and artificial canals.

Airship technology has revolutionized access to remote parts of Huo Xing since it's introduction, and with abundant helium reserves, is relatively common and cheap. Mooring towers are a frequent sight in remote mountain or island villages, as well as within more metropolitan cities.


Military Budget: 2,881,000,000,000 USD (3,260,715,800,000 HXD)

Military Manpower:

  • Age: Humans 18+ years of age, Katzen + years of age,
  • Active Military Personnel:
  • Available Military Personnel: ~190,000,000 (male)
  • Military Trained Manpower: ~185,000,000 (male; compulsory basic combat training with hand to hand, firearms, and bayonet)