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Flag of Hypocria
Motto: "Let Them Hate Us, So Long As They Fear Us"
Map of Hypocria
Region Atlantian Oceania
Capital Hypocrium
Official Language(s) Hypocrian
Leader Autokrator Andrius Vyntra
Population c. 5 billion
Currency Draxal 
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The Imperial Autocracy of Hypocria is located on the continent of Verdena in the south of the Atlantian Oceania region. It is bordered by Morgrugyn to the north, Wulaishen to the north and east and Bettia to the west. Across the sea to the south is Spruitland.

The Imperial Autocracy of Hypocria is a massive, safe nation, notable for its compulsory military service. Its hard-nosed, hard-working, cynical population of 5.382 billion are ruled with an iron fist by the corrupt, dictatorship government, which oppresses anyone who isn't on the board of a Fortune 500 company. Large corporations tend to be above the law, and use their financial clout to gain ever-increasing government benefits at the expense of the poor and unemployed.

It is difficult to tell where the omnipresent, corrupt, pro-business government stops and the rest of society begins, but it juggles the competing demands of Law & Order, Defence, and Public Transport. Citizens pay a flat income tax of 44%. A powerhouse of a private sector is led by the Gambling industry, followed by Uranium Mining and Beef-Based Agriculture. .

Origins of a Nation

How the land known as Hypocria truly came into being is a tale largely lost in the mists of time. But some artefacts and writings have survived the years to allow historians to piece together a story of a warrior chief who carved out his own kingdom some two millennia ago. A chief who became known as Hypoc.

Rise of the Autokrator

After a series of increasingly unpopular Presidents the nation of Hypocria was simmering with internal tensions and talk of insurrection. Taxes were sky high, the economy had slumped and unemployment rates had reached record heights. On a wave of public support General Titus Drax, at the head of his army brigade, stormed the Republican Palace in Hypocrium and forcibly removed President Jocabi from power. He declared himself President in Jacobi’s place.

Under Drax’s rule the economy grew in strength, the nation ended its international isolation and the population topped one billion. Six years after seizing power Drax declared himself Autokrator and the Imperial Autocracy was born.

The Central Government and The High Command

The Autocracy’s Central Government is composed of the heads of the various ministries and departments that handle the everyday affairs of the country. It is solely the Autokrator who appoints these ministers and consequently Hypocria is effectively run by cabal of the Autokrator’s cronies and wealthy members of society who were able to buy their appointments.

In addition the nation is divided into six administrative districts, each presided over by a regional governor. The governors are all appointed by the Autokrator and each has a place in the Central Government.

The High Command is the supreme military authority in the Autocracy and as such governs all areas of Hypocria’s military forces. The High Command is composed of the heads of the three sectors of the armed forces as well as the military commander of each of the five districts and the commander of the Imperial Guard, who also serves as the capital’s chief military officer. Most of whom happen to be close friends or subordinates of the Autokrator from his own army days.

The Chairman of the High Command serves as one of the two Grand Marshals of the Autocracy. The other is the Autokrator himself. In addition the Chairman holds a place in the Central Government.

International Relations

Following an end to the nation's previous isolationist policies the Autokrator ordered the construction of a new diplomatic facility next to the Imperial Palace. This facility included the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Embassy Plaza complex.

1 Embassy Plaza
  • Nedalia - Ambassador George Johns
2 Embassy Plaza
4 Embassy Plaza
5 Embassy Plaza
  • Lamoni - Ambassador Maxillian Shepard
6 Embassy Plaza
7 Embassy Plaza
  • Bettia - Ambassador Amin Robson
8 Embassy Plaza
11 Embassy Plaza

Regional Alliances

After receiving an invitation from Tiberius Starblayde to a meeting aboard the Orca Partyship the Autokrator officially added his signature to the Lavingrad Pact to confirm Hypocria’s entry into the Strategic Alliance of Autocratic States. This membership ended following the murder of Titus Drax. The Autocracy rejoined the alliance shortly after following talks between the new Autokrator Andrius Vyntra and Viannor Starblayde. Hypocria is also a member of the Atlantian Oceania Regional Defense Organisation.


Like many nations in the region Hypocria is home to a multitude of sporting leagues and events.


Football is by far the most popular sport in the country and the domestic league was recently overhauled, creating The Hyper League.

Given the popularity of the sport it was only a matter of time before the nation debuted at international level. Former Starblaydia national coach Guylain N'Dumbu-Nsungu was hired to prepare the side for it’s debut at World Cup 23. Guylain was sacked some six years later after a dreadful run of form and was replaced by Dave Wilson, who led Sarzonia to the title at World Cup 22. Many years and several coaches later the nation withdraw from the World Cup and affiliated competitions.

Hypocria’s football association quickly recognised the importance of developing young players and consequently the nation is a regular competitor at the Under-21 World Cup. Over the years Hypocria established one of the best youth systems in the world and the Under-21 side became genuine contenders for the World Cup. We like to think that was the case anyway.

Hypocria competed at a number of Cup of Harmony tournaments without any real success.

It is at the regional AOCAF competition that the Hyppos have made the biggest impact. Hypocria debuted at AOCAF IX and went all the way to the final before losing to regional heavyweights Vilita. Eight years later the nation earned it’s place in the history books by beating Sarzonia in the final of AOCAF XI in Bettia. A mere nine tournaments later the Autocracy repeated the feat, beating Lamoni in the final of AOCAF XX.


Cricket is played at an amateur level in Hypocria but the best players in the country are currently being scouted to form a team that will compete in the Cricket league in neighbouring Bettia.

Ice Hockey

Despite the fact that there is no tradition of Ice Hockey in the country the government elected to send a team to compete in the fourteenth edition of the Cherry Cup in Very Angry Rabbits. Somehow the Huskies managed to beat reigning champions Tanah Burung in their very first game.

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