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The IDU Mainland is one of several large areas of land in the IDU region, which are identified by convention rather than any strict criteria. The specific areas of land vary, but two areas are commonly referred to - they are the IDU mainland and the Southern Continent.

The IDU Mainland from a geological perspective.

In areas that do not necessarily consider themselves a part of the IDU mainland they may use the term "the mainland IDU" (such as islands or peninsulas). A term which refers to a subjective description of the landmass, that is, the IDU mainland.

The narrowest meaning of IDU mainland or mainland IDU is that of the continuous area of land, with the coastline and any land boundaries forming the edge of the central IDU landmass. In this sense the term mainland IDU is used to refer to the landmass, excluding islands such as the Ayyubids. However, from the perspective of geology or physical geography, the IDU mainland may be extended beyond the confines of continuous dry land to include the shallow, submerged adjacent area and the islands off of the coast, as they are structurally part of the IDU mainland. In this sense the Mich-Inzl Archipelago is a part of mainland IDU.


Geological regions within the IDU mainland are sometimes the source of subjective descriptions. For instance, inhabitants of the Eastern Keeslands region often make reference to the mainland IDU as a separate landform. Sometimes, a reference to mainland IDU may actually refer to Chirachis, and not the whole of the IDU mainland.


Usually considered any landmass off of the western coast of the IDU mainland.



Eastern Keeslands

The Eastern Keeslands comprise of the easternmost peninsula of mainland IDU, southeast of the Granveo Mountains and the group of islands off of the northeastern coast of the mainland IDU.

The Eastern Keeslands – are home to 4 IDU member states with an estimated population of 10.7billion, along with other various polities.



The Malabras, named after the largest country in the area, Malabra, are an area located in the southeastern portion of the Mainland IDU contient. This area has had a history of dictatorships, anarchy, and war. Relatively, this area is tropical and thus very warm.

Mich-Inzl Archipelago