I Madian Olympique

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Games of the I Madian Olympique

Official logo for the I Madian Olympics

Host city Debs, Democratic Mada
Nations participating 8
Athletes participating TBA
Events Male and Female events for baseball, football, volleyball, hockey, and basketball
Opening ceremony June 23, 2006
Closing ceremony June 30, 2006
Officially opened by Democratic Mada SAGA Chairman, Proyet Joqui
Olympic Stadium Debs Memorial Stadium
Official Games languages English

The First Madian Olympique is not related or in any way affiliated to the Olympic Games, and, like the Tyrellian Ylompic Games, is an entirely seperate international competition.

International Medal Tally

Nation Gold Silver Bronze Total
Inn 3 3 0 6
Ishtalo 2 0 2 4
Democratic Mada 3 3 1 7
Moshava 1 2 3 6
Trapobana 1 0 2 3
Stepbrotherhood 0 0 0 0
Stalinikov 0 0 0 0
Scarlet States 0 0 0 0

Participating Nations

The Federation of Inn

The People's Republic of Democratic Mada

The Confederacy of Scarlet States

The United Socialist States of Ishtalo

The Grand Duchy of Trapobana

The People's Democratic Republic of Stalinikov

The Labour Zionist's Nation of Moshava


Day 1

Proyet Joqui walks on stage

Greetings fellow comrades of the Alliance of Socialist States! Welcome to the Marx Memorial stadium in Democratic Mada's capital of Debs. I, Proyet Joqui, will be the master of ceremony this evening. Allow me to introduce our Prime Minister, Adam Marx.

Adam Marx walks to podium

Poeili a Madaia! Welcome to Madia! It is my honor to welcome all nations from our region to these games. Good luck and may the spirit of peace be with all.

Proyet Joqui walks to podium

The AoSS flag will now be marched into the stadium. Ladies and gentleman, please rise. The Girls and Boys Choir of Greater Debs will sing The Internationale.

Thank you, you may be seated. At this time I would like to invite the nations to march their athletes into the stadium and perform their cultural piece.

The First Citizen walks to the podium

Greetings to all the assembled people here in this fine stadium and a hearty hello to all those watching from afar.

I was asked to give a short speech in my function as UN Delegate for this region, so here I am! Don't worry, I won't bore you for long, 5 minutes is all I ask.

These games are a first for our region, bringing together athletes to compete against each other from many nations within our Alliance of Socialist States. A competition it is, but not for the honour of winning, it is more than that, the sports that will be played here, will show what can be achieved with cooperation, endurance, willpower and a spirit of friendliness. Qualities I think we can all admire.

But I've talked to long, it is time to get on with an important part of this opening ceremony; the cultural pieces. These show our peoples diversity but also our similarities.

the First Citizen makes a bow, the light on the podium is dimmed as he leaves the stage

start of Inn's cultural piece....

Day 2

Male Baseball

The teams played their best and the games were close.

The results are as followed:

Gold: Inn - 659

Silver: Democratic Mada - 630

Bronze: Trapobana - 573

Other nations scores:

Moshava: 546

Female Baseball

The results are as followed:

Gold: Tropabana - 904

Silver: Moshava - 756

Bronze: Democratic Mada - 682

Other nation scores include:

Ishtalo - 681

Day 3

Male Volleyball


Gold: Democratic Mada - 620

Silver: Inn - 544

Bronze: Ishtalo - 524

Other results:

No other nations participated

Female Volleyball


Gold: Inn - 660

Silver: Moshava - 626

Bronze: Ishtalo - 561

Other results:

Democratic Mada - 539

Day 4

Male Hockey

Gold: Ishtalo - 834

Silver: Democratic Mada - 691


Other Results:

No other nation competed

Female Hockey

Gold: Democratic Mada - 708

Silver: Ishtalo - 605


Other Results:

No other nation competed

Day 5

Male Basketball

Gold: Democratic Mada -937

Silver: Inn - 839

Bronze: Moshava - 734

Other Results:

Ishtalo - 712

Female Basketball

Gold: Ishtalo - 874

Silver: Democratic Mada - 705

Bronze: Moshava - 581

Other Results:

No other nations participated

Day 6

Male Football

Gold: Moshava - 1014

Silver: Inn - 975

Bronze - Trapobana - 800

Other results:

Democratic Mada - 774

Ishtalo - 665

Female Football

Gold: Inn - 948

Silver: Democratic Mada - 796

Bronze: Moshava - 749

Other Results:

Ishtalo: 733

Trapobana: 652

Day 7

Athlete rest day

Day 8

News Coverage

Freeport News Channel (Inn)

26 Jun 2006

(Freeport News Channel (FNC) broadcast, English transmission) After yesterday's gold in the male baseball competition, Inn has again won gold in female volleyball games and to top it off silver in the male volleyball competition. Fans were ecstatic as they were not expecting such grand results from their volleyball teams.

  • rolls clip of fans cheering at the games*

Here is what a fan had to say:

  • clip with fan donned in vivid red and purple pirate clothes*

"Arrrrr! I nereexpected th' crimson corsairs would make 't so far! WOOOH! GO CORSAIRS! YARRRR!!! An' our boys did well too! WOOOH"

Innian fans will have ample time to recover from partying, seeing how no Innian teams will take part in tomorrows events.