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Ibrahimism is the home-grown monotheism of Athamasha. It is sometimes said to be a variant on Judaism, but is actually derived from the native Dualist religion of Athamasha. The word "Ibrahimism" comes from the Arabic word Ibrahim, Abraham. Ibrahimism puports that the promise to Abraham (in the original doctrine, the Sakalatale, "scribe-lord," who was a figure in the Dualist scriptures) was fufilled by an event known as the "ambulans ad draconem," (a poor translation into Latin of a local idiom) which was a series of religious fervors and mass circumcisions that swept Athamasha around 896 Island Calendar and created the first "Libri Novi," which is a series of new religious books which continues to be written by the World Ibrahimic Order headquarters in Athamasha Secunda. Ibrahimics, as a rule, do not make conversion attempts so the Religion is relatively unknown outside of Athamasha.