Ide Jima

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Ide Jima
Flag of Ide Jima
Motto: Bartholomew Bring Me A Fork
Region Europa
Capital Serekan
Official Language(s) Ide Jiman, English, German
Leader General Xiao
Population 5 Billion
Currency The Ide Jiman Dollar (IJ$) 
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The Ide Jiman Government

Ide Jima is a military regime, General Xiao used a period of civil unrest to seize power in the capital, whilst in other areas, army units declared martial control. Most areas of the government are controlled by ministers appointed by Xiao, whilst absolute power is held by himself.

The Ide Jiman Military

The military of Ide Jima is a massive organisation, made larger by the emphasis placed on defense spending by the new government. Conscription is in place, with all males and females being sent to the armed forces for 6 months when reaching 18. Many choose to stay on beyond the initial 6 month period, given that additional armed forces experience is highly valued by employers in Ide Jiman business.

Some basic figures regarding military funding:

Defense Spending: 50,825,673,827,107.20 Army: $15 trillion Navy: $15 trillion Airforce: $15 trillion Marines/CG/SOCOM: $5.8 trillion

There are 6 branches of the military:

1) The Army:

Capable of fielding over 2 million frontline troops, with support personnel numbering 10 million plus, this is the largest branch of the military, and most conscripts are either assigned to the army or - more uncommonly - the navy. Divided into several large 'Army Groups', which operate as individual fighting units, creating an effective and highly mobile force.

2) The Navy:

45 Aircraft Carriers, 21 Battlecruisers, 19 Battleships, 36 Cruisers, 76 Destroyers, 102 Frigates, 50 Corvettes and 69 Submarines are fielded by the navy. Although primarily tasked with defense - a task that takes up most of the naval inventory - heavy assault capability is maintained by the use of medium carrier battlegroups.

3) The Airforce:

The pride of the military, capable of spreading destruction to anywhere in the world off of Ide Jiman soil. Still in turmoil from recent political upheaval, organisation still needs to be done, but this is still the deadliest of all the forces.

4) The Marines:

Several divisions of Naval infantry are maintained in the south of Ide Jima, for use in maritime assault operations against LT rivals to the south.

5) The Coast Guard