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Pseudo-Scientific Phenomena classified as `IGNORE'

Effects of IGNORE

There are many effects that can appear when IGNORE happens. While some effects of IGNORE can are unique to the phenomenon, there are several that may be from other, usually related, events. To determine if the event one experienced was indeed an IGNORE event, one must look at signs leading up to the event.

If the event was precursored by a nation, or the military of a nation, firing one of several types of weapons with labels containing 'IGNORE' or 'I.G.N.O.R.E', it was most likely the IGNORE Phenomena at work. The effects from this usually involve the word "ignored" as the last, or part of last, message one recieves from that nation from henceforth, unless an "Anti-IGNORE" event happens.

If an event caused by one's nation, such as a tactical weapons strike, goes disregarded by the receiving nation, such as the lack of a response including effects of the strike, IGNORE has most likely happened again. Note that this effect can also be caused by the receiving nation not having the proper amount of 'free time' to respond, which is usually caused by a seperate line of events in real life that cause a perceived lag in the Nationstates pseudo-linear timeline.

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