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Genetic classification:
    Northeast Teq
Spoken in:


Igur is a conlang with grammar somewhat reminiscent of German, but with right-branching modifiers and postpositions. Word order is OSV. Under Korean influence, the case-class system simplified, the verb moved to the end of the sentence, and Igur absorbed a great deal of Korean vocabulary, such as administration terms.

Igur began as a language spoken by farmers near the Black Sea about 6000 years ago, as evidenced by apparent contact with Indo-European speaking peoples leaving Indo-European loan words in Igur vocabulary. In the 17th century, Igur's predecessor Tiku was split into different dialects, each one influenced by the language where its speakers resided. The dialect spoken in Korea became standard when the various Igur nations freed themselves and united.

Some sample expressions:

Ne suigurzügit ti zügit? Do you speak Igur?

Ne gut anli (place) tai? Where is (place)?