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Ilkestreyonism is a religious belief practiced by some in New York Jet Fanatics.

Overview of Ilkestreyonism

Ilkestreyonism is a most confusing religion. In Offensive NFL Speak, an Ilkestreyonist is literally, One who predicts the weather by testing of topsoil. That is probably the most accurate defenition of Ilkesteyonism that there is. The Ilkestreyonists worship the weather as holy. It is a religion that establishes a code of ethics, however, it is unusual in that the code of ethics is not well defined. Basically, Ilkestreyonists see ethics as something which must be defined by the self. If one is performing things of which he can have a good conscience, then he is being sufficiently ethical to serve their purposes. For this reason it is a religion that gets along well with other religions, but for this reason it is also one which is not widely practiced. They believe that rich weather is a sign of the combined good ethics of mankind, and poor weather as a sign of the evils and untold guilt of mankind. The words rich and poor, in this case, are very specific. What constitutes rich and poor weather is not what one might expect. It largely depends on the quality of the soil when rubbed in the foot of one person. If the person claims from this experience that the soil is rich, then the day is also rich. However, if the soil is poor, so is the day. Another one of the major reasons why Ilkestreyonism is not widely practiced is the seemingly arbitrary rules of whether or not weather is classified as rich or poor.

Religious fractionation

  • Approximately 53% of citizens of New York Jet Fanatics practice Cyetaneloism.
  • Approximately 21% of citizens of New York Jet Fanatics practice Fachillianism.
  • Approximately 19% of citizens of New York Jet Fanatics practice Garatrism.
  • Approximately 6% of citizens of New York Jet Fanatics practice Baramianism.
  • Approximately 1% of citizens of New York Jet Fanatics practice Ilkestreyonism.