Iluvauromeni Commonality of Everlasting Light

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The Iluvauromeni Commonality of Everlasting Light is the combined lands of Ma-tek, Ma-Nenya, and Ax-turath: these are collectively referred to as 'Iluvauromen'. The Commonality also extends to a zone of control in low Earth orbit, referred to as Iluvuaromeni Earth Space, several dozen zones of control in stellar space between Earth and Mars, and a small territorial claim beween Mars and the asteroid belt, around the CSO of Vilya Elenosto.

ICEL - Iluvauromeni Commonality of Everlasting Light


The Commonality, or, more conveniantly, as the Commonality is a recently-reformed political unit based on more than one predecessor, Iluvauromen, is primarily home to four separate species; two are considered 'native' (Humans and Nenyar), but only one is considered indigenous - the Nenya. The Nenyar - the correct form of the Anglicized word 'Nenyans', the correct singular form being Nenya - arrived in Iluvauromen roughly forty thousand years ago, according to some records. Others hold that the date was around twenty thousand years ago; the records are not entirely clear, as they are indeed very old, but it is safe to estimate that Nenyar civilization is around thirty thousand years old, and is based on the older Noldor civilization. The fourth species are the Tharash, relative newcomers - having arrived on the land only several hundred years earlier, and granted permission by the then-Emperor Divilari ux-Rihad (a particuarly brief leader, who abdicated seven years into his reign, known for his songs rather than his sword). Their origin remains shrouded in secrecy - a privacy granted with almost religiously full willingness by the rest of Iluvauromen.

The Nenyar, however, are descendants of another group of the same species, the Tumnoreans; yet both groups maintain seperate names, despite the same genetic stock. By best estimate, those known as Nenyar today left Tumnore - the area surrounding the tallest peak of Iluvauromen, Mt. Tumnore - not very long after the Tumnorean settlement.

Humans arrived in Iluvauromen around four thousand years ago.

Ethnicity - Human (Atani)

The first Humans to enter the lands today known as Iluvauromen settled mostly in what is now eastern Ax-turath but was then known as Fuldur (New Home), although some groups rapidly moved into the north-east and far east of Iluvauromen, in north-eastern Ax-turath and western Ma-tek, establishing themselves as seperate tribes. These were the Menjdari, who called their nation Carakthar (First Place), although at that time they were known under a different name than the modernized form given here. Those who did not settle in the north-east of Ax-turath and west of Ma-tek at this time were the Dth'gari, but both groups appear to be of the same essential racial stock; this racial stock remains unknown, but is believed to be Lodossian rather than South American as was once suspected.

Ethnicity - Nenya

See Nenyans.

Ethnicity - Quendi

See Noldor, Sindar.

Ethnicity - Tharash

See Tharash.


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