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Flag of Ilyushin
Motto: This is a motto
Region The Allied Socialist Union
Capital Alanson
Official Language(s)
Population ~30 million
Currency Dollar 
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Ilyushin’s citizenship of 175 million (as of RL 11/24/04) maintains a very well-rounded environment. Ilyushin looks to please all of it’s residents with an extremely centrist government platform, taking a radical step only with their inclusion of the military draft.

The cities of Ilyushin, including it’s capital Alanson were founded not long after colonization of Surda, by the same settlers, who’s origins are unknown despite the countries’ joint effort at discovering them. Ilyushin sticks firmly and proudly to their murky colonial past while their counterpart embraces that of the natives. Joining the Allied Socialist Union, and a mock war with ally Trisfal have been Ilyushin’s only international diplomatic moves.

The majority language of Ilyushin is English, Italian makes up a smaller portion, and one of the smallest minority languages is that of the natives, dubbed Surdan by the Surdan government, a claim yet to be recognized by Ilyushin. The national animal of Ilyushin is mouse. The symbolism results from the tale that a mouse saved the country. As it goes, during the Civil War, the leader of the Colonial Forces, General Alan Read, was captured and imprisoned by the rebels. He lay on the dirt floor of the rebel P.O.W. camp awaiting death when a one-eyed mouse sniffed to the rope that bound his right arm. Mistaking it for food, the mouse bit the thin rope and set General Read free. He escaped and led the now morale-high Colonial Troops to victory.