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Flag of Imperfectia
Motto: Peace Strength, and Joy
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Region Aberdeen
Capital Byblyos
Official Language(s) n/a
Leader Governor David VII
Population 2,306,000,000
Currency UNAD 
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In the year of the founding (783? CE), the great explorer and discoverer Stepan the Great founded the city of Byblyos. At the time of its founding Byblyos was a community of traders, fishers, and farmers. Situated as it was along the coast where the New Yadkin river meets the sea, Byblyos was strategically located to expand.

Not only did Stepan the Great found the capital city of Byblyos, but he was also proclaimed the first Governor of Byblyos. In time, partly through trade, partly through means of conquest, and partly though peaceful mergers, the Commonwealth Byblyos,(as it was then known) began to resemble the geo-political shape of the modern commonwealth.

As Byblyos began to grow and consolidate its position as capitol of the Commonwealth, more and more voices were heard beginning to be heard crying out for political reform and a larger voice in the government at Byblyos. Governor Theodisues III, greated the House of Representatives to be a voice for the people in the common era year of 1682. Since that time, the House (as it is commonly called) has grown in size and importance.

With the union of the Commonwealth of Byblyos and the City of Threasia in the year 1827 CE, the New Commonwealth of Imperfectia came into existence.

The current head of state is the Governor, David VII, but the real (and democratically elected) leader of the nation is the Speaker of the House, n/a.

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