Imperial-Empress Emma Imperius

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HIM The Imperial-Empress Emma "The Keeper of the Keys" Imperius
Rank Imperial-Empress
of The Federated Stars
House The Imperial Household of Imperius
The Great Royal Household of Davion
Predecessor: Imperial-Empress Melissa "The Keeper of Life" Imperius
Future Successor: N/A
Birthdate April 15th 2490
Marriage May 24th 2504 (Michael, Tila, Hoshi, Jewel,)
Place of Birth: Jewel Crown Palace, New Robinson City, Davion Prefectural, Robinson Star System, Davion March
Spouses HIM The Arch-Emperor Michael Stars Imperius, 33
HIM The Imperial-Empress Hoshi Imperius, 32
HIM The Imperial-Empress Jewel Imperius, 41
HIM The Imperial-Empress Tila Imperius, 32
Children 12
Languages spoken English, Japanese


Her Imperial Majesty The Imperial-Empress Emma "The Keeper of the Keys" Imperius The II Of The Federated Stars Empire, is one of the four wives and lovers to Arch-Emperor Michael Stars Imperius. She is the second princess to the Davion Royal Family.

She fought by Michael's side thoughtout the war as a part of his Battlemech lance.

Emma is a great mother to her three children and to the nine other children of Michael and the other three Imperial-Empresses. She cares deeply about her family and the people of the Federated Stars, because of her incredible heart and love for the people, she, along with the other three Imperial-Empresses, are worshiped by the people.