Imperial Palace (Nojika)

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Imperial Palace
Purpose:Capital Building

After the Nojikan Senate had been abolished by Emperor Brakiss, the Senate Palace was rebuilt and renamed the Imperial Palace. The Imperial Palace is a massive pyramidal structure and is the largest structure to have ever been erected in Nojika. The palace is located in the capital city, Rozier, close to the vacant senate house and the Je'die temple in the center of the city.

The Imperial Palace is where the Emperor and many of his aides choose to live and from the palace is where much of the governments business is conducted. A majority of the space within the building is used up with the Emperor's personal quarters, other government officials personal quarters and the headquarters for many government organizations. Almost the entire country is run from this single building each and every day.

Heavily gaurded by elite squads of imperial soldiers and a number of various other defences (including a staggering number of anti-aircraft turrets), the Imperial Palace and its interior workings are some of the most well gaurded secrets in Nojika.