Imperial Princess Elizabeth Emma-Stars Imperius

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HIM The Imperial Princess Elizabeth Emma-Stars Imperius
Rank Imperial Princess of The Federated Stars
Royal House The Imperial Household of Imperius
Father: HIM Arch-Emperor Michael X Stars Imperius
Mother: HIM Imperial-Empress Emma Imperius
Birthdate January 14th CE 406 (2506)
Age 16
Place of Birth: Stars City Imperial Crown Palace, New Stars City, Stars Prefectural, New Avalon
Knowing Languages Arabic, Chinese, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, Greek, Greman, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Luxembourgish, Norwegian, Portuguese, Punjabi, Russian, Spanish, Swedish,

Her Imperial Highness The Imperial Princess Elizabeth Emma-Stars Imperius Of The Federated Stars (Elizabeth Emma-Stars Melissa Erica Imperius; born CE 406.01.14), is the second child to HIM The Arch-Emperor Michael "The Shining Knight" Stars Imperius and HIM The Imperial-Empress Emma "The Keeper of the Keys" Imperius of the The Federated Stars Imperial Family and is second in line to the throne.


Princess Elizabeth is a serious-minded young woman whose first concern, even as a young child, has always been for others and she spent lots of her time working for volunteer groups, and now the co-head, along side her mother, of the Imperial Family's personal charity, Crown City Children's Charity. Knowing her father could often be swayed by her wishes in many matters because of the close and affectionate bond she has with him, she dose everything in her power to make him suport CCCC even more. Because of that close bond she is considered a bit of a daddy's girl for as long as those close to the family can remember. In her teen years, Princess Elizabeth has matured into a sensitive and sensible woman with all the best instincts of bolth her father and mother, tempered by her own sympathetic nature. All though she is second in the line of succession, she dosen't give the possibility of ever occupying the throne any thought or any indication of ever wanting to, she is first in the hearts of the people whom have benefited from her charity work. She has always being close to her parents and family and is one of her fathers, biggest supporters. She dosen't seem too be as wild as some of her other siblings. She likes to spend her free time with her family, horse back-rideing, reading the most changaing books she can find and walking the beautiful grounds of the Stars City Imperial Crown Palace


Princess Elizabeth began her education at Royal Stars City Elementary School in CE 410 (2510), where she beat her younger sister Imperial Princess Sakura Hoshi-Stars Imperius as Head Girl and class Valedictorian. From there she attended Royal Crown Park Secondary School in Surrey from CE 417 (2517). Her school records revealed she done very well, obtaining A's for every class she has attended. Princess Elizabeth has once again being elected to be Head Girl and class Valedictorian at Royal Crown Park Secondary School in her final year. A school spokesperson was quoted as saying "This year the school has elected Princess Elizabeth Emma-Stars Imperius to be head girl and we are delighted that she has accepted the position.