Imperial Trade Conglomerate

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Imperial Trade Conglomerate
Headquarters: Nenya/Turath, Ma-Nenya/Ax-turath, Iluvauromeni Commonality of Everlasting Light
Nationality: Iluvauromeni
Specialty: Various
Storefront: none

The Imperial Trade Conglomerate owns all economic assets in the ICEL (Iluvauromeni Commonality of Everlasting Light), plus some external interests. The ITC profit margin, as a consequence, is in the trillions-of-Relhames range, although they are forced to submit duel figures: the 'true profit' - what the ITC actually has access to - and the 'false profit'. The 'false profit' is the total profit of the entire organisation - essentially the entirety of the ICEL economy.

The largest shareholder in the ITC is, by Commonality Law, the current head of state.

The ITC is regulated by the ICEL Economic Court, which oversees all economic activities, and ensures adherance to the Iluvauromeni Constitution in economic matters.

Major corporations owned by the ITC include: Imperial Space Networking Co-operative (IsnCo); INN Solar - an organisation which in turn owns INN Ma-Nenya, INN Ma-tek, INN Mars, INN Vilya Elenosto, INN Titan, INN Lodoss, INN FSP, and INN Knootoss; Imperial Energy; Imperial Agriculture, and others.

The ITC is 'ruled' by a massive board of executives, currently headed by the CEO, Empress the Supreme Commander Rialla ux-Rihad II. See also: Rialla ux-Rihad II, Rivette MI Corporation, IsnCo, INN Solar