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Population: 37 nations
Delegate: The Panjabi Nations
Founder: Kathiawar
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India views itself as a land of contrasts and cultures. It is a region built on a foundation of democracy, with a democratic government and constitution. All nations are welcome to join, and are encouraged to be active in any aspect of the region, from roleplaying to politics to sports leagues. To do so, they may join the forum, for roleplaying and to be included on the regional map.

Regional Info

India Flag:


Official Language English & Hindi, but another 28 main languages still spoken.

Religion: Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism, Zoroastrianism are well spread and freely practiced.


Diplomatic Ties

  • The Arab League
  • Tibet
  • Buddhist Region of Jambudvipa

Regional News

  • The Panjabi Nations has recently been elected as UN Delegate of India, defeating the incumbent Nepolonia in a regional election.
  • Recent Senate elections saw the Revolutionists and the Green Freedom Party gain 2 seats each, while the Indian Socialists hold one. Clandon retained the Internal Affairs Ministry post; Gangstas for Truth is the new Defense Minister, while Wulaishen takes over as the new External Affairs Minister; Induvistan and Buubaa occupy the remaining Senate seats.
  • The Panjabi Nations has appointed former Delegate Nepolonia as its new Regional Security Advisor.
  • In IFL news, The Panjabi Nations has won the inaugural IFL Cup, defeating Induvistan in the Final in Delhi. Gangstas for Truth won the bronze medal.

Regions under Indian control

List of Indian Nations (Alphabetically)


The Indian Football League (IFL) is followed with interest.

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