Indycar Racing

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Indycar Racing
Flag of Indycar Racing
Motto: God, Empire, and Racing.
Region The West Pacific
Capital Indianapolis
Official Language(s) English
Leader Emperor Philip Schumacher-Habsburg VII
Population 1.542 billion
Currency Mark 
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Indycar Racing is the sister nation to International Racing and the UN reprsentitive nation for the Racing Empire. Indycar Racing has a population of well over 1.5 billion. It was created after it's sister nation International Racing and was then was proceded to be moved to North America. Indycar Racing was then moved briefly to the FIFA region and was next moved to New Sparrow where it engaged, quite successfully, in New Sparrow politics. On 3 August 2004 Indycar Racing was moved to The German Empire and then three weeks later moved to Nasicournia where it remained for a few weeks. Indycar Racing then finally arrived on 13 September 2004 to The West Pacific where the nation currently makes residence.

The Ancient History of Indycar Racing

Indycar Racings first regions were North America and FIFA. Little happened in these regions.

The Move to New Sparrow

Emperor Philip Schumacher-Habsburg VII was enticed into moving into New Sparrow when he saw members of the Sparrow Elite Covert Ops (SECO) in action in a Meritocratic wargame. The Emperor proceeded to move to New Sparrow where he quickly meet up with founder Borogravia Moldavi and UN Delegate Tygaland. Soon Indycar Racing narrowly defeated Randovia in a special election for a seat in parliament. Indycar Racing then proceeded to win an uncontested special election for Vice-President, and the uncontested general election for Vice-Delegate. During Indycar Racing's term as Vice-Delegate things went sour for Indycar Racing as he was accused (rightfully) of not doing his main duty of keeping track of UN nations in the region. Indycar Racing then resigned from Vice-Delegate and lost a string of special elections. Finally when SECO troops were ordered to endorse the UN Delegate of The North Pacific (Great Bight)instead of the representive of The North Pacific Government-in-Exile (Thel D'Ran) Indycar Racing left New Sparrow in disgust.

The Intermediate Period

After Indycar Racing left New Sparrow the nation spent an intermediate period in the regions of The German Empire, and Nasicournia. In The German Empire Indycar was a soldier in the Warzone Europe campaign. The nation then left because he felt the region was not for him. In Nasicournia Indycar Racing enjoyed RPing for a while but soon became bored and left for The West Pacific.

The West Pacific

Indycar Racing currently resides in The West Pacific where he is a member of the Concil of The West Pacific. Indycar Racing is currently active in the politics of that region and has over 75 endorsements. Currently the nation is enjoying The West Pacific and hopes to gain a higher position in The West Pacific Government soon.