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The religion of inikresaism is the main religion in Rejistania. It developed from tribal religions but buddhism and shintoism influenced the religion. The general dogma is the struggle between the two principles or Gods Relekekansa and Jaortirkansa, sometimes simplified as good and evil. The fight is not open, but rather latent, an open battle would end the world and must be prevented by the priests, monks and other believers with prayers, ceremonies, sacrifices (however human sacrifice is unknown) but also by a decent and moral life. Beside the main deities, other, lower deities exist in innumerable number, often these are regional gods for archaic religions.

Originating from Buddhism are the ideas that meditation and the 'middle-way' leads to salvation, as well as the ideas of reincarnation. The shintoistic influences become clear when looking at the lower deities, who sometimes have shintoistic counterparts. Also the fact that gods often have artefacts (also called 'symbols'), such as Taderekansa's Sinijiil, which must not be seen by anyone but the priests might have its origins in shintoism.