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LeagueLiga Starblaydia
ManagerVladimir Tsarev
StadiumThe Bernado


'Inter' have always been famous for incredible midfield talent, streching back to the time of Haldorsson, Benson, de Souza Lima and Vikerman. They have never really needed a strike-force with the ammount of goals they get from midfield. However, once the midfield is breached the defence can quickly follow. Their investment in a Youth Academy has really paid off, giving them a host of up-and-coming new stars, as well as the first Nedalian to play outside of his home nation, Innit Point.


Third Place, Season 5
Tiberius Cup Winners, Season 5
Tiberius Cup Winners (formerly)

Famous Players

Saturn Calcéte
Stefan Haldorsson
Fabricio de Souza Lima


Inter wear Black shirts with a White diagonal stripe, Black Shorts and White Socks

Starting XI

 Season 4 Team (3-5-2)
 Pos   Name                 Nationality
 GK    George Swarton       Nova Britannican
 CB/DM Tyrinho              Starblaydi
 CB    Raymundo Hernandez   Starblaydi
 CB    Heider Stefansson    Starblaydi
 RW/M  Tyree Vang           Starblaydi
 DM    Ernesto Fortuna      Starblaydi
 LM    Lance Vacca          Starblaydi
 AM    Innit Point          Nedalian
 CM    Rowan Majara         Vilitan
 RW/SC Giovanni Lopez       Starblaydi
 SC    Roberto Vega         Starblaydi

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Iskara Daii
Tiberius Cup Winners
Season 5
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Montepool Waves