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The International Association Football League is a football competition in which forty-eight clubs from eight nations compete in two conferences, the Fire Conference and the Granite Conference.

Each club plays 46 matches per season, one home and one away against each of the other 23 clubs in its conference. At the end of the season, one team from each nation is relegated to the top level of the nation’s domestic league system, determined by a playoff between the nation’s lowest finisher in each conference. The team is replaced with another club from that nation, chosen by the nation’s football association. The top four teams from each conference, regardless of nationality, qualify for the postseason where a direct knockout format over two legs is used to determine the league champion.


The IAFL was created by the football associations of Bedistan, Casari, and Milchama. In the original format, a single conference of eighteen teams was used, and the winner won the league title. The team from each nation finishing lowest was relegated. In the third season, Liverpool England joined, and the league expanded to twenty-four teams, though the format remained essentially the same. For the fifth season, Capitalizt SLANI—recognized by the IAFL as the football association of the Unified Capitalizt States—and Krytenia joined, and rather than using a single thirty-six team league, the format was changed to two conferences of eighteen teams, three from each nation. Playoffs were added to determine the league winner and the teams to be relegated. In the sixth season, Oliverry and The Lowland Clans were added, and the conferences were expanded to twenty-four teams each. For season 9, Chicanadian teams wil replace Krytenian ones after a dispute between the IAFL and the Krytenian FA.


Nation Season joined Football association Relegation to
Bedistan 1 Bedistan Football Association Súprelige
Casari 1 Casari Soccer Authority Casaran First Division
Milchama 1 Milchama Football League
Liverpool England 3 Football Association of Liverpool England Liverpool England High League
Krytenia 5 (left season 9) Krytenian Football Association KLF Overleague
Unified Capitalizt States 5 Capitalizt SLANI C4 Champions League
Oliverry 6 Association Oliverrienne de Soccer (unrelated to the league) Première Ligue Pepsioli
The Lowland Clans 6 Football Federation of the Lowland Clans Allied States Premiership
Chicanada 9 (slated) Chicanada Football Association Chicanada Football League

League results

Seasons 1–4

Season Champions Highest finishers Relegated
Bedistan Casari Liverpool England Milchama Bedistan Casari Liverpool England Milchama
1 Tyrellia City (Casari) Carter FC (6th) Tyrellia City (1st) Did not participate Desert Foxes (2nd) South Coast United (16th) Tyrellian International (18th) Did not participate Chaialim (15th)
2 Presscot FC (Casari) Carter FC (4th) Presscot FC (1st) Did not participate Great Alexandria (2nd) Graceville Salamanders (17th) West Baronies SC (13th) Did not participate Rising Fireballs (18th)
3 Presscot FC (Casari) Sokojiwa Dosi CK (8th) Presscot FC (1st) North Fence Pushing (2nd) Great Alexandria (4th) Dennis Bears (22nd) Leyton FC (21st) Folenisa (24th) Norman Spartans (23rd)
4 Sokojiwa Dosi CK (Bedistan) Sokojiwa Dosi CK (1st) Brighton Hill FC (3rd) Al-Digoshi F.C. (5th) Legions of Hope (4th) Jackson FC (21st) United Arcadian (24th) Alnwick Torpedo F.C. (23rd) Desert Foxes (22nd)

Seasons 5–8

Season Champions Fire Cup winner Granite Cup winner All-Star Game winner
5 Legions of Hope (Milchama) Sokojiwa Dosi CK (Bedistan) Sonoma Center Panthers (Capitalizt SLANI) Granite Conference XI
6 Sokojiwa Dosi CK (Bedistan) Sokojiwa Dosi CK (Bedistan) Sonoma Center Panthers (Capitalizt SLANI) Granite Conference XI
7 Al-Digoshi F.C. (Liverpool England) Limassol United (The Lowland Clans) Al-Digoshi F.C. (Liverpool England) Fire Conference XI
8 Al-Digoshi F.C. (Liverpool England) Legions of Hope (Milchama) Sonoma Center Panthers (Capitalizt SLANI) Fire Conference XI

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