International Development Co-operative

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Headquarters: Tavast-Carelia
Members: 10
Type: Noble cause
Forum: [1]

The International Development Co-operative was founded in Spring 2005 to help developing nations improve their economies and the quality of life for their people. Tavast-Carelia was elected chair of the IDC for the next six months and is currently hosting the first IDC Conference in Porvoo.


The IDC believes itself to be neutral in any conflicts which may arise and condemns war as as an enemy of social justice. Furthermore, the IDC is distinguished from other organisations in that it only offers unconditional aid or zero-interest loans. The organisation includes nations with both strong and weaker economies, to co-operate together.

Application requirements

i. To become a member of the IDC, a nation must be a signatory of the International Fair Trade Agreement.

ii. Each nation is asked to pledge 0.01% of their annual budget towards a collective IDC fund. Developing nations are not required to make this contribution.

All IDC members are awarded full voting rights on all IDC matters: one member, one vote.

Membership list

Tavast-Carelia (Chair)


New Paristan


East Hackney

Svea Riga




Brega and Mide