International Fair Trade Agreement

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The International Fair Trade Agreement
Headquarters Glasburgh, Celdonia
Members: 66
Type: Economic Treaty
Forum: The Conference of the IFTA

The International Fair Trade Agreement is a treaty that forms a closed trading bloc of nations that have chosen to trade only with other nations that have made a commitment to protect workers' rights. The IFTA was created by a CACE initiative and was quickly ratified by a large number of other nations. It is currently one of the largest formal trading blocs in the world, and the only to require legal commitments from signatories to maintain a living wage, a safe workplace and a economy which respects the ideas of worker's rights within their nations. Other than meeting the standards set out in the treaty, there is no restriction on membership - any nation may sign the agreement and join the IFTA trading bloc.

The International Fair Trade Agreement Treaty

The IFTA Applications Department

IFTA census information