International Mediation Council

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The IMC was founded at an international conference in Hofburg, Lavenrunz and has its headquarters on Marshall Island, GMC Military Arms. Some see it as a more intergovernmental incarnation of a World Court.

The International Mediation Agreement

  1. The countries here assembled agree to form a mediation council. All countries joining this council agree to agree to accept mediation (in the case of agreement to it by opposing parties) as a form of conflict resolution.
  2. Any country, assemblage or organization in conflict may request mediation from this council with regard to another, even if it is not a member. Appeals may be made by countries engaged in conflict with another country, and by colonial territories seeking their independence. Conflict is defined as war or non-military (including economic) conflict that exists on a national level. The mediation council will normally accept requests for mediation, but may refuse by majority vote.
  3. Mediation should preferably be undertaken by agreement of the two parties to a conflict. Normally, mediation will attempt to find common ground between the two sides to a conflict. This will be done by a reconciliation committee established for each case. These smaller committees will normally have three members drawn from the larger mediation council. One member will be selected by each party to the conflict, and the two committee members will then select a third country. This three-member committee will operate by consensus.
  4. Mediation is not binding on the parties to a conflict. Its purpose is to find a solution that both sides can agree to.
  5. The existing parties to a conflict may, if they wish, request binding arbitration. In this case, the mediation council will act as judge to a conflict and decide upon a solution that is then binding on both sides.

Cases brought before the IMC


  • Chancellor Count Joachim von Mirbach, The Teutonic Empire of Lavenrunz
  • Executive Avinn,The Federal Democratic Republic of Konania
  • Bruce Reynolds, Second Ambassador, The Federation of Sentient Peoples, for the Imperial President D'ron Smith, The Federation of Sentient Peoples
  • Miles Heywood, Ambassador on behalf of Her Imperial Majesty, Empress Gehenna of Tartarus.
  • Ambassador de Vries, The Democratic Dutch Republic of Knootoss
  • Ambassador Sir Ilem, the Free Republic of Ilek-Vaad
  • Sverj Dittonorf, Prime Diplomat and Advisory Delegate of the Federal Republic of the Non-Human Union
  • Nathicana D'Aquisto, Dread Lady of the Dominion
  • Minister Mark Peters, the Armed Imperial Republic of Ruhr
  • Londo Mollari, The Corporate Oligarchy of Der Angst
  • Violeta Bi Bere, People's representative for foreign affairs & human rights, the United Provinces of Tanah Burung
  • Paula McFadden, on behalf of The Tropical Socialist Paradise of The Weegies
  • Prime Minister Achefield, the Commonwealth of Chimaea
  • Mister Northentar, the Thelasi Star Empire
  • Elisa Day, Office of Foreign Affairs, The Most Glorious Hack
  • June, DN-01 Nihilanth, 'On behalf of the people of Marshall, Voight, Mallet, Lamar, Ellis and Gerhart Islands, Grafton's Isle and the Comona and Drake Island Groups'
  • Tony Clinton, President of Celdonia
  • Civic Starcow, Ambassador of the Grand Duchy of Hell Bovines
  • Aj Ud, Prime Secretary of the People's Democratic Social Republic of Ariddia