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The United Empire of Invisionize
Izeflag.png    coatofarms.png
Flag and Coat of Arms
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"One for all, and all for Invisionize!"
Region Altera
Government type Autocratic Dictatorship
Emperor Dymero Invisa
Prime Minister Hector Ingard

Official Language English (de facto)
Capital Barrion
Currency Ize
National Anthem The Champions of Invisionize
National Animal Jackrabbit
TLD .ei, .ri
Calling Code +493
Stats: NSEconomy XML

The United Empire of Invisionize, formerly known as The Republic of Invisionize, is a large and economically strong nation. It is situated on an island of the same name in the Atlantic Ocean. The nation is comprised of seven provinces (one which was recently annexed) and was founded on April 13, 2003 by the union of six kingdoms. The nation is currently going through a period of governmental reorganization following a war with long time ally Veraco.


Main Article: History of Invisionize

Forming a Nation

For thousands of years, Invisionize had been divided into small regional kingdoms. Over the years, there were several attempts to bring together the kingdoms and unite them into a modern nation-state. While these attempts failed to achieve the ultimate goal of national sovereignty, supporters of a unifed Invisionize continued to call for further negotiations between the kingdoms.

In January 2003, a new Invisionize Council was announced by the leaders of all six of Invisionize's remaining kingdoms. Led by Council Chairman Regalo Zareck, the council was able to successfully agree on a form of government and write a constitution. The new nation, The Republic of Invisionize, was formally founded on April 13, 2003. In the elections that followed, Dymero Invisa, council member and the last King of Agnon was elected Presidet.

The Great War of 2005

Main Article: The Great Invisionize War of 2005

In May 2005, media outlets started reporting of a military build-up at the island's five bases. Initial speculation was that terrorist cells within and outside of Invisionize were plotting attacks at then unknown locations across the country. However, other media reports seemed to link the increased military precense with the tightening tensions with other nations, particularly with The Republic of Veraco. A televised press conference with President Invisa on May 25th confirmed that Invisionize was preparing for self defense in case of attack.

In the beginning of June, The Republic of Veraco declared war with Invisionize and President Invisa called on Parliament to declare war as well, a motion which was later passed unamiously in both chambers. The events which led up to the war are not yet known, but in the months prior to the beginning of the war, Veraco had accused the IIA (Invisionize Intelligence Agency) of spying on weapon-making facilities, an accusation the Invisionize government denied. Several battles were fought during the two-month long conflict, with many losses numbering in the thousands on both sides. Despite the on-going battle, President Invisa and Veracan president Lin Heggo insisted in separate news conferences that diplomatic efforts were well underway that would negotiate peace and end the war. Not long after, on August 1st, a binding peace accord went in to effect, ending the bloody two-month conflict.

On September 10th, 2005, a month and ten days after the end of the war, Heggo announced that both chambers of Veraco's Parliament had voted unanimously for control over Veraco to be handed over to Invisionize, and the next day Emperor Invisa accepted the offer. This action fueled speculation by opposition groups that the war may have been coordinated and controlled by Emperor Invisa, although this is not known for sure.

From Republic to Empire

The events surrounding the change in government policy are still unclear, but some facts are known. On June 6th, 2005, President Invisa asked Parliament to declare martial law, a motion which passed with a 2/3 majority in both chambers. According to the President, the additional security was necessary to keep the island under control as it was host to most of the fighting.

On July 1st, President Invisa came before Parliament again to ask that he be given additional ability to make tactical decisions on day-to-day governmental and military activities. As part of the expansion of his power, the President asked that any executive orders be treated on the level of constitutional amendments. Parliament declared that such expansion of the powers of the Office of President must go to referendum. Despite the war, which had already claimed 100,000 soldiers from both countries, the referendum turn-out rate was almost 98%. Of the voters, 85% agreed to pass the President's resolution.

After the war ended, it seemed only a matter of time before the new powers handled by the President were handed back to Parliament, which was the main tenent of the interest group A Return to Old Invisionize. On the other hand, approval ratings had consistently stayed above 92% throughout President Invisa's entire term, indicating a public consent to the President's policies. On August 6th, President Invisa called an emergency joint session of Parliament. There he announced Executive Order 127, which created sweeping changes to the government:

"I have called this joint session of Parliament to announce my plans for post-war reconstruction. Even with the success of the peace accord, the horrifying and heart breaking events of this war have left many with a great deal of anxiety. Homes have been burned down and families torn apart. When I look at the faces of the people I represent, I see pleas for help. I see pleas for assistance in rebuilding their homes and salvaging what they have lost. But most of all, I see pleas for a nation that is safe and secure, a nation that can be led not to war, but to peace. A nation with rules and boundaries that are set very carefully to ensure that such disastrous conditions are never to be found again. And that plea, my friends, I fully intend to act upon!

During the speech, Executive Order 127 was presented, a series of articles which defined a new form of government for Invisionize. A new constitution was included that assigned supreme power to President Invisa (now known as Emperor Invisa), made martial law permanent (including suspending the writ of habeous corpus), and granted law-enforcement duties to the military.


Main Article: Government of The United Empire of Invisionize
Historical Article: Government of The Republic of Invisionize

Quick Facts

Long Form: The United Empire of Invisionize
Short Form: Invisionize

Form of Government: Imperialist state with most powers held by the Emperor with some other executive and legislative functions handled by small executive bodies.

Capital: Barrion, Agnon Province

Flag: The all-seeing eye representing how each nation of the newly unified island looks out for its fellow regions; six stars, one for each of the six former kingdoms.

Coat of Arms: The coat of arms again prominently features the all-seeing eye. The text above and below the eye is an acronymn of Invisionize's motto (OFA, AFI; "One for all, and all for Invisionize!"), written in an ancient runic language..


Incumbent: HIM Emperor Dymero Invisa
The Emperor is the chief policy maker in the empire. He is the head of all three branches of government. Although he has several advisors, his word is the final say in all matters. He enforces laws, as well as creates them. He has supreme authority over all decisions, governmental, militarily and otherwise

Executive Branch

Council of Provincal Directors

The Council of Provincal Directors is a organization consisting of four aides appointed by the Emperor to oversee day-to-day matters in four different regions of Invisionize. They personally have authority in areas made up of two Invisionize provinces (exception: Veraco) and can overrule a decision made by a province's governor. Although the council has a chairman, this is merely a formality, and in reality, each individual Director reports directly to the Emperor.

Federally, three of the current Directors are head of cabinet-level departments. Legislatively, although the Emperor has supreme authority over legislation, and is the only person who can veto or change it at will, the Council is the real body that does approving or denying (and from time to time, creating) of policy created by the various departments. Therefore, the Council of Directors is also a Legislative Branch institution.

Imperial Cabinet

The Imeral Cabinet consists of the heads of the various ministries that are responsible for creating policy and programs in their respective areas of government. Therefore, the individual Cabinet departments are also legislative institutions. Most (but not all) of the department heads report to the Prime Minister, who reports to the Emperor. Cabinet members regularly have meetings with the Prime Minister, with the Emperor almost always in attendence, and the R4 Director invited to attend, but not necessarily at each meeting.


The governors are the direct head of each province, conducting daily the daily affairs of their province. There are six provinces in Invisionize, each one formerly having been a kingdom and nation in its own right. The governors are not a collective body, but are listed here collectively for simplicity. No governor is a member of the Legislative Branch. The current list of governors, listed by Provincal Region, is as follows:

Provincal Region One
Director: Regalo Zareck

Agnon ~ Governor: Lilly Tiss
Naher ~ Governor: Tom Wong

Provincal Region Two
Director: Hector Ingard

Invisio ~ Governor: Geoff Handen
Luvenia ~ Governor: Victoria Ingard

Provincal Region Three
Director: Sally Landen

Grandon ~ Governor: Oman Zand
Yencko ~ Governor: Jared Denefore

Provincal Region Four
Director: Lin Heggo

Veraco ~ Governor: None
Veraco is not truely an Invisionize province, but rather a newly controlled terrority of Invisionize. However, Emperor Invisa has allowed Veraco a degree of autonomy, so that its government remains in place.

Legislative Branch

Council of Directors (see above for more)
Cabinet-level Departments (see above for more)

Parliament (in hiatus)
As part of the governmental change to the Imperial system, Emperor Invisa announced that Parliament would undergo a temporary hiatus in order to ensure a smooth transition ot the new form of government. No date for Parliament's reinstatement has yet been announced.

Judicial Branch

The Judicial branch tends to all legal matters. Under the new system of government, all courts are criminal or civil. Each province has two criminal courts and several civil courts for matters for individual and corporate matters. There are no appeals courts, and no constitutional interpretion courts. The Emperor holds the final word in all legal and criminal matters.

Rival Factions

Although interest groups are legally outlawed Invisionize, there have been rumors of rebel factions sprouting up across the nation. Most of the speculation concerns the former interest group Return to Old Invisionize, who lobbied then President Invisa to return his expanded power to Parliament. However, the existence of organized rebellion groups has not been confirmed.


Land Forms

Invisionize is an archipelago of over thirty-eight islands, the largest housing most of Invisionize's provinces. The province of Naher is located on an arm located to the southwest of the main island. Several of the smaller islands are not inhabited, while other are owned by private citizens.


As a series of islands, Invisionize is bordered on all sides by water, most significantly the Invisionize Bay. However, is it close enough to some of its fellow regional members that it is often quoted as being bordered by them, rather than water, on some sides.


Invisionize is temperate for much of the island, although a small sub-tropical region exists in the most northern parts of the country. The nation is located in the northern hempisphere.


Flatland plains for most of the island, which the exception of a series of hills ending in Mount Invisio in the southern half of Invisionize. There are several patches of forestry throughout Invisionize, with the largest in the Invisio province.