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Flag of Iraqstan
Motto: si vis pacem, para bellum
Region The Chain Islands of Iraqstan
Capital Sirithilia
Official Language(s) Iraqstani, German, Arabic
Leader ReichsFührer Lidric Quil'raya
Population 5.5 billion
Currency Iraqstani Credit 
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The National Socialist Union of Iraqstan is a isolationist fascist nation on earth. The people after years of extensive re-education live in a society where racial segregation is as common place as water and air. A founding member of the Non-Democratic Alliance, Iraqstan is known by many to be the blacksheep of the NDA and a prominent name in many nations lists of things to watch.

National Information

  • Traditional Long form: National Socialist Union of Iraqstan
  • Traditional Short form: Iraqstan, The Union
  • Government Type: National Socialist
  • Location: Cluster of islands in South Pacific

Historical Overview

Iraqstani history stretches back to medieval times, roughly seven hundred to one thousand years before the twenty first centuary. The islands colonised diversly by German and Islamic explorers. Control of the entire region was granted to the German empire after four years of warfare between mainland Iraqstan and the Islamic held Um Lizaa.

Following the conquest the German kingdoms lost control of it's holdings to would be noblemen of local birth, thus founding the first of the ten Iraqstani houses and securing Iraqstan as an independant yet vassal state of the German kingdom. Following this founding warfare between each ruling house saw untold generations of conflict with maps constantly being redrawn due to land being won and lost on all borders of the main island.

Adding to the mix the islamic island having recieved support by it's arab rulers in the middle east began infiltrating into this conflict hoping to unite the chain islands into a single shining utopia in the name of Allah. It would be seven hundred years before this warfare would end and Iraqstan could once again proclaim itself a unified nation.

Following the unification of Iraqstan and the decline of the ruling houses saw Iraqstan's ruling elite turn from ten houses to two houses. House Quil'raya a child of the merging of Houses Qui'l and Houses Raya the two prominent central Iraqstani factions, both showing pride in their militant nationalism and House Aidid the only Arabic house in the Union with whom most of the Um Lizaan noble lines extend from.

During the unification Iraqstan enjoyed thirty years of democratic process which dragged the nation into corruption and once more civil unrest with Iraqstani natives targetting Um Lizaan bankers as the reason the nation was in such dire economical distress. Siezing on this initiative House President Zelgado Quil'raya rallied the military behind him and in a masterful coup wrested control of the corrupted and struggling nation from the hands of the democrats and quickly restored order.

Following the reign of Zelgado, Iraqstan was ushered into a revolution that saw both racial segregations and economic explosions which heralded the National Socialist Revolution and the people by popular support in a one time democratic process agreed to honour Carlos Quil'rayas announcement of claiming leadership of the nation from his father.

Recent Events

Recent events in Iraqstan have revealed Carlos' drive towards eliminating racial impurites from the Iraqstani people. His devotion to the belief that Iraqstanis are by birth the enlightened and racially pure, violently believing them to be the saviours of the human species and the pinnacle of genetic perfection, have led to the racialy suppressed banding together in heartless terrorist groups, targetting children and other civilians in their non-stop quest to remove those they are jealous of wielding the power and installing a new regime of tyranical genocide against the innocent, which in turn led to a massive conflict between Northern Um Lizaa and Iraqstan which has seen close to five million Iraqstanis killed and over thirty million Um Lizaans executed for crimes against the Motherland.

Following a successful assassination attempt by terrorists from the Um Lizaan Liberation Front, which saw Führer Carlos Quil'raya killed and the top Reich General murdered has ushered in the führer's son as the new national leader, his promise to continue his father's legacy and bring Iraqstan to perfection have been met with cheers and more loyalty as Lidric achieved a goal promised and that is to end the war in Northern Um Lizaa and unite that province in the name of the National Socialist Union.


The Iraqstani government is essentialy a one party union of noble houses which calls itself the Iraqstani Reich with an unquestionable leader in the form of a Führer. The Reich is made up of appointed officials from the differing ministries within the Union and Military Generals led by the ReichsFührer who answers directly to the Führer.

For reference ReichsFührer Lidric Quil'raya has never claimed nor intends to claim the title of Führer, stating simply that his father will be forever the leader of the Iraqstani Reich and the holy and pure testimate to the master race.

The Reich

The reich is essentialy the advisors and head ministers for their respective ministries, there entirely to advise and support the Führer in all decisions. The ReichsFührer has the executive power to accept or nullify any proposals made by the Reich no matter how many ministers agree to it's need. The Ministry for Information is responsible for handling all matters of information to the Führer and ReichsFührer as well as handling the state controled news papers and television channels. The state owned and run Iraqstani News Network (INN) is a direct link to the Ministry of Information which is led by Minister Muhammed Saeed Al-Sahaf. The Ministry for Ethnic integration into the Union is responsible for ensuring the regimented and state controled industries run within state defined requirements and that appropriate quality assurance and saftey standards are met with regards to the final product. This ministry is also responsible for the integration of the Um Lizaan peoples into the Union, vowing to show to them where they truly belong in the large heirarchial ladder that is Iraqstan's Racial classings.

The Ministry for National Security and Public Civil Security is led by General Otto von Schumaker and is responsible for both handling internal security threats and the deployment of the State police service or Public Security Service. They are a sister branch of the Iraqstani Defense ministry which is led by Reich General Lidric Quil'raya and is responsible for the entire Iraqstani Defense Force (IDF).

The Ministry for Mining led by Minister Adolf Schultz is reponsible for managing the state owned but privately run Iraqstani Mining Corporation, the largest of the Mining and Exploitation Guild in Iraqstan who is tasked with securing and exploiting all forms of natural resources for the betterment of the Union and international trades. Other ministries within the Reich is the Ministry for Education, the department of health and Emergency services and the department for foreign affairs and trade, all of which have respective duties and advise directly to the ReichsFührer at all times.

The Reich is also responsible for making legislative suggestions to the Führer or ReichsFührer who then decides on what becomes legislation and what does not, thus eliminating the legislative branch of the government.

Judicial Branch

The judicial system in Iraqstan is a heavily modified doctrine of military law, with a leaning towards capital and corporal punishments. The death sentance hangs on many crimes some of which are Rape, Murder, Drug trafficing, illegal weapons dealings, Prostitution, and Treason. Other crimes such as theft, assault and etc suffer long sentances ranging from thirty to life imprisonment with the more grevious of the petty crimes recieving no chance of parole or early release.

The Judicial branch is goverened exclusivley by the Ministry for National Security and Public Civil Security, which appoints the judges and handles things such as jury selections and police enforcements.

Key Political Figures

  • Führer (Recognised as chief of state): Carlos Quil'raya
  • ReichsFührer (Head of Government): Lidric Quil'raya
  • Reich General (Supreme Commander of Armed Forces): Lidric Quil'raya
  • Foreign Relations Minister: Lidric Quil'raya
  • Trade Minister: Adolf Schultz
  • Public Security Service Chief (Commander of Police force): General Otto von Schumaker



Iraqstani culture is one of isolationism and racial phobias. The majority of Iraqstanis consider themselves to be racial superior than other nations with a small percentage being politicaly recognised as racialy perfect. The Heirarchial structure of Iraqstan is easily translated into the Racial Suprerior, the Racial elite and the unenlightened with most of Iraqstan falling into the second category and all of Um Lizaa falling into the third category.

Racial policies have been implemented to ensure those classified as racialy superior are protected from being corrupted by the other classes with policies such as protected breeding programs, selective abortions of foetuses with impurites and the forced steralisations of mentaly retarded, physicaly handicapped and others deemed undesirable for the Iraqstani gene pool.

As such it is against Iraqstani law for Um Lizaans to breed on mainland Iraqstan, any families found with new borns are deported back to the Um Lizaan province and resettled there to repopulate the workers lost in the long war between the Union and Northern Um Lizaa.


The National Socialist Union is nintey nine percent human with a small elvish population residing on the smallest of the chain islands who proclaim neutrality and submission to the ReichsFührer, the size of the elvish population does factor into Iraqstani population counts but as they are considered non-human they are excluded from any entitlements or recognition as citizens of the Union.

Political Values

Political values in Iraqstan are uniform for the entire Union, the Reich is right and the Führer is our leader, often one can hear the simple words "ein Volk, ein Führer, ein Land" Or One folk, One leader, One country. This mass belief stems from the government trying it's best to re-educate the populous into not thinking of themselves as individuals but rather as parts of a massive machine with which they will drive the engine of purity further towards racial enlightenment.


Religion in Iraqstan is made up entirely of the state sponsored and enforced Sirithilism, which rather than place faith in mythical legends of power instead places their faith in the only living example of immortality and power the Menelmacari leader Sirithil. The religion of the past few years has mutated from a state sponsored faith to a state enforced faith to a state recognised faith.

Religious faith in Iraqstan is slowly being removed as more and more people come to view the motherland as their saviour and turning towards denouncing organised religions and instead adopting a fierce and uncontested national pride.


  • Racialy Superior: 5%
    • Both Parents Racialy Superior: 100%
  • Racial Elite: 98%
    • One Parent Native other Foreign: 50%
    • One Parent native other Racialy Superior: 50%
  • Unelightened: 1%
    • Um Lizaan: 100%
  • Elvish: 1%

Known Conflicts

Ongoing war and peace talks with Northern Um Lizaa