Isaac Comnenus

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Isaac Comnenus
19 February 1942
The Right Honourable Member of Parliament for the Abbey of the Theotokos (New Rome), Shadow Treasurer
Marital Status

Isaac Comnenus is the Deputy Leader and Shadow Treasurer in the United Christian Front opposition in the Pantocratorian Imperial Parliament.

He was formerly the leader of the Pantocratoria First Party before its negotiations with the Loyal Christian Front to reform the United Christian Front, and former Treasurer under the PFP Government of Princess Irene and the United Christian Front Government of Prince Basil. During his term in office, the Pantocratorian Ducat was deregulated and Pantocratoria's international trade flourished. As Treasurer he presided over a period of great economic transformation, modernisation, and expansion, which allowed him to return the budget to surplus in 1998 after decades of deficit spending. Budget surpluses were maintained through to 2003, contributing to the Pantocratorian economy's strength through the global financial crisis brought about by the Shadow War].

He was Princess Irene's firmest supporter during her party room coup against her brother which saw the formation of the Pantocratoria First Party, whom he succeeded as party leader after the second 2004 election. He is an ambitious man and a ruthless parliamentary debater, but was initially forced to swallow his pride in accepting the agreement to reform the United Christian Front, in which he would not even be its deputy. In late 2005, after Prince Constantine became engaged to the Unitarian Grand Duchess Morgan ni Cunedda of the Resurgent Dream, Prince Basil made his displeasure with the match known by encouraging Comnenus to run for the deputy leadership, which Comnenus won with Monsieur's support.

Preceded by:
Princess Irene
Leader of the Pantocratoria First Party
Reintegrated into the
United Christian Front
under the leadership of:
Prince Basil
Preceded by:
Luc de Glas
Treasurer of Pantocratoria
Succeeded by:
Isabelle Folquet
Preceded by:
Princess Irene
Deputy Chancellor of Pantocratoria
Succeeded by:
Spiro Bolkus