Iskara Daii

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Iskara Daii
LeagueLiga Starblaydia
ManagerTuade Lue
StadiumFoundation Road


By far the greatest club team in Starblaydi history, Iskara Daii are from a downtown suburb of Jhanna, Starblaydia's capital city.

Though their current line-up is not their greatest, the Daii boast some of the greatest players in Football history including the Di Bradini Brothers and Tuade Lue. For those still wondering, the Daii was the name of the ancient historic chivalric knight warrior-nobility of Starblaydi history, who provided the finest mounted cavalry in Starblaydia's ancient history.

Their greatest moment in international competition came in the Final of the 7th Champions League, in Chicanada, where they defeated the two-time and defending Champions Yeaddin Owls of Vilita 2-0, to take the title of the best club team in the world.


Domestic League
Champions, Liga Starblaydia Season 1
Champions, Liga Starblaydia Season 2
Champions, Liga Starblaydia Season 5
Champions, Starblaydi Alpha Division (multiple times)
Runners-Up, Liga Starblaydia Season 3
Runners-Up, Liga Starblaydia Season 6

Domestic Cup
Winners, Tiberus Cup, Liga Starblaydia Season 4

Winners, Champions League 7
Semi-Finalists, Champions League 5
3rd Place, Atlantian Oceania Champions League 1
Quarter-Finalists, AO Champions League 2
Runners-Up, AO Champions League 3
Champions, Ainoprisp Invitantional Tournament

Famous Players


Iskara Daii play in a Red kit with White trim

Starting XI

 Season 4 Team (3-4-3)
 #  Pos     Name                Nationality
  1  GK     Nick Cavaletti      Britannican
  2  RB     Jikiri Fuinbar      Starblaydi
  3  LB     Quentin Phillips    Bedistani
  5  L/CB   Leopoldo Lopez      Starblaydi
  4  DM     Deitmar Mussorgsky  Audioslavian
  6  CM     Rueben Laberge      Vilitan
  8  AM     Quentin Bentley     Britannican
  7  L/RW   Frederic La Salle   Britannican
  9  SC     Carmine Mbidzo      Vilitan
 10  SC     Darius Belizaire    Starblaydi
 11  SC     Raphaelo            Starblaydi

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