Island of Atlantic

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Autonomous Republic of the Island of Atlantic
Flag of the Autonomous Republic
Map of Atlantic Island
Official Languages English, Russian
Government Federal Imperial Realm
Minister-Chancellor Johnathan Darrington
Capital Libertyville
Population approx 100 million
Currency 1 Taraskovyan Frank = 100 Centimes
Calculators are evil.

Located in the northern reaches of the region of Haven, the Autonomous Republic of the Island of Atlantic (ARIA) was formed following the secession of the Allanean State of Freedom Island to the Taraskovyan Federation. The name of the newly created entity was chosen by the local authorities so that the abbreviation would match the name of a famous Russian-speaking Metal band Aria.

Usually, the Republic is referred to by its short form of Atlantic Island, which is not to be confused with the "Atlantic Island state" that is still part of Allanea.


Imperial Realm

The Autonomous Republic of the Island of Atlantic is a Realm of the Taraskovyan Empire and, as such, sends representatives to the Imperial Parliament. Taraskovyan citizens domiciled in ARIA have the rights of constitutional and legislative initiative on the Imperial level.

Despite the Realm's official name stating that it is a Republic, His Most August Majesty [[Mikhail the Vasilevs of all Taraskovya is the supreme authority in the territory.


The executive authority lies with the Minister-Chancellor. Unlike in other Realms, where a parliamentary system prevails, the Minister-Chancellor of Atlantic Island is elected every four years by a direct vote of the republic’s population and not by Congress. He acts as the chief executive of the republic and forms the government of the autonomous territory.


The Congress is the legislative authority in the republic, subdivided into two branches.

Council of States

The Council of States is the upper house of Congress and comprises three representatives from each of the States composing the Autonomous Republic. The Councillors of States are elected directly by the population of their states. There are currently 24 Senators in all.

House of Representatives

The House of Representatives is the lower house of Congress and comprises directly elected representatives from single-member constituencies, with the total number of representatives being fixed to 200.


Originally, the inhabitants of Atlantic Island used to be citizens of the Autonomous Republic and required a permit to settle and work in the Grand Duchy and in the various Taraskovyan dependencies. The measure was initially approved in an island-wide referendum.

However, two years later the Grand Ducal Parliament of Taraskovya announced that the existence of a separate Atlantic Islander citizenship was void and null and made all former ARIA citizens full Taraskovyan citizens. The measure was condemned by the Allanean Island Party and the Independence Party (ARIA), but was welcomed by a number of Atlantic Islanders who profited from the opportunity to migrate to Lagoon and New Crimea.

Economy and Culture

The autonomous republic is one of the poorest territories under Taraskovyan jurisdiction. The high crime level and other serious problems are a challenge to the local government and Taraskovyan authorities present on the ground.

As far as cultural matters are concerned, the Atlantic Islanders are, as former Allaneans, quite distant from Taraskovyans. Even the local Russian community is different from their counterparts in Tarasovka in such areas as religion and way of life.