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Established in 1872 following the first Cup match of the English Football Association in 1863, the Isselmere-Nieland Football Association is the governing body for association football in the United Kingdom of Isselmere-Nieland. Its headquarters are on Lofton Road in Cailliecross, Daurmont, Isselmere.


At present, there are four senior divisions playing professional or league football, starting with the first or premier division, followed by the second, third, and fourth. Non-professional football is termed conference football, which is typically divided along roughly similar lines. There are currently sixteen conference football leagues in the UKIN.

Premier Division

The First or Premier Division consists of twenty teams. At the end of each playing season, the last three clubs in the Division are relegated to the Second Division, with the first three teams of that division advancing to the First.

Premier Division clubs



Established in 1875.

League Cup

Established in 1975 to celebrate the centennial of the INFA Cup.

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